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Holiday En Masse

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codswallop · 11/09/2003 12:23

My sister and I have arranged to got to the same Key Camp campsite this year and some friends of her are going too.

I have now discovered that another family who she is friends with are going too. We have never met them(unlike the other couple who we know and like) and i just feel this is getting bit out of control.

Am seeing sister this w/e Should I change the weeks of our hol so we only coincide for a bit?

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codswallop · 11/09/2003 12:46


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janh · 11/09/2003 13:04

Depends how much time you were hoping to spend with your sister's family but not the others...I should ask her how she feels about it - has the other family just found out about the combined hol and said "oh, we'll come too then!"? Cos if so, your sister could hardly say no you can't...

Don't suppose that helps at all! What do you want to do, coddy?

SamboM · 11/09/2003 13:04

It might be good fun. I love holidays with lots of interesting people there. We were in S of France this year with about 6 friends and several others in the area, met some really nice new people. It was great.

If you will find it too stresful then change though. are you going for 2 weeks? You could stagger it then I guess.

codswallop · 11/09/2003 13:21

The whole idea is that we go alone and dont try and do everything togehter.. yes suppose it will be fun - I like company(!) but just hope it all works...

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