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Any ideas for Xmas snowy short break?

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desperatehousewife · 14/10/2005 19:30

Have one 3 year old, am preg so not on for a big flight or big holiday. Have usual issues with who do we see at christmas as family dotted around the country. Best option might be for us to go away and see nobody! Any ideas of where we could go

I fancy ice hotel in Finland, but as it's minus 13 and only 4 hours of daylight my DH has said no way! Would love to do something unusual, but that doens't cost the earth. Maybe a log cabin somewhere snowy??

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desperatehousewife · 14/10/2005 20:03


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tiredemma · 14/10/2005 20:09

try these

they have log cabins

what about centre parcs? we always go xmas time - kids love it (so do we!)


RTKMonherBROOMSTICK · 14/10/2005 20:33



nailpolish · 14/10/2005 20:34

western isles


RTKMonherBROOMSTICK · 14/10/2005 20:42

italy or switzerland or prague or sweden


desperatehousewife · 14/10/2005 21:42

canada too far I think. how long is the flight?
Don't want to be in this country so centreparcs out.

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soapbox · 14/10/2005 21:44

The lapland Santa tours operate over christmas i believe.

I would recommend Canterbury Travel who have quite a few different tours if you are interested.


seb1 · 14/10/2005 21:56

No 100% sure on the snow but how about this

family break


seb1 · 14/10/2005 21:57

OOPs Sorry didn't read you didn't want to stay in this country


seb1 · 14/10/2005 22:27

Disneyland Paris?


RTKMonherBROOMSTICK · 14/10/2005 22:45

To toronto is about 7 hours flight

Would deffo have snow unless freaky year


lapsedrunner · 15/10/2005 14:40

Austria -look at Ryanair flights to Salzburg, Linz, Graz or Klagenfurt then hire a car. Have a look at for hotels all over Austria with childrens facilities. Also recommend and look specifically at the childrens farms. Lastly I can reccomend in Ramsau am Dachstien. About 1 hour south of Salzburg, we stayed there in Feb & Jul this year.


LIZS · 15/10/2005 14:54

Also try for similar in Switzerland. Some hotels have small animal farms, spas, kids clubs and indoor activities if the weather outside is foul. Unfortunately they tend not to come cheap and some may require a minimum stay over Christmas and/or New Year. Also be prepared that Christmas tends to be a lower key celebration in the mountains than New Year. I did also see Snow "camping" advertised in today's Times see here but they don't take Under 12's.


codface · 15/10/2005 15:00

gop somehwere hot


LIZS · 15/10/2005 15:20

lol cod! You don't do snow do you ?!


codface · 15/10/2005 16:55

snow is for skiing ofr looking at from inside acosey austrian cafe, other thna thta its pointelss


footprint · 15/10/2005 16:57

Come and visit me in Swiss Alps!


desperatehousewife · 16/10/2005 19:57

ah thanks footprint!!

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