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DH stuck on M40.....

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wickedstepmother · 09/09/2003 19:57

My poor DH has been with clients today in Bury St Edmunds (we're in Worcester). He was supposed to be home at 6.30 but has been stuck on the M40 on the wrong side of Leamington Spa for the past 2 hours 15 mins. In that time he has managed to move 10 miles. Apparently there are some faulty traffic lights causing havoc somewhere and so accidents are happening left right and centre. He phoned me and said that there were tons of people just walking about outside of their cars ! He'll be lucky if he's home before 10pm. He left early this morning and so it means that DD won't see her Daddy today Bloody traffic.

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twiglett · 09/09/2003 20:05

message withdrawn

wickedstepmother · 09/09/2003 20:07

I suppose we should be thanful for small mercies, at least he only has himself to worry about.

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Bogwoppit · 09/09/2003 22:35

my grandma lives in bury st edmunds. we went to visit her a couple of weeks ago - took us 1.5hrs to do a 20 min stretch cos of roadworks nr meadowhall.
Hope your DH is back soon.
we do M40 to my SIL. what with roadworks on M42 & accidents it's a real pain

wickedstepmother · 10/09/2003 13:36

He turned up at 9.45pm. Gave me a cursory kiss and went straight upstairs to watch DD sleeping ! He's in Newmarket today, I'm expecting more of the same

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