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Warning! Strict limit on aircraft hand luggage following terrorist action

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Tigermoth · 13/09/2001 11:58

I've just phoned our airline company. We are flying to Corsica at the weekend and expect tough security mearsures at the airport. I have been told that only very limited hand luggage is allowed on the plane - a small handbag if that. I have heard from a colleague that her airline company has told her that no hand luggage at all is allowed, even though she has a baby. She is flying to Spain. She has been told she will have to carry her passport in her hands, and that's it.

Apparently all airline companies are goung to put stringent hand luggage security measures in place. They are now informing their offices what these are.

If you are flying or know anyone who is,
contact your airline company for more information.

OP posts:
Tigermoth · 13/09/2001 12:57

The airline company has just phoned me to say 5 kilos of hand luggage are allowed per person. They would prefer you to carry as little as possible.

OP posts:
Bugsy · 13/09/2001 13:09

Thanks Tigermoth, this is very useful. We are flying on hols in about 10 days and I always travel with as much hand luggage as I can get away with, so I appreciate the early warning.
Have a lovely holiday.

Bloss · 13/09/2001 14:29

Message withdrawn

Eulalia · 14/09/2001 08:40

We leave for Spain tomorrow morning. I phoned our airline and they said that a handbag was allowed with essential items. Nappies, drinks etc for your baby/child would obviously be deemed essential. Just don't pack your nail scissors and try to keep it to a minimum as they will check everything.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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