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hotel, b and b lake district.. getaway!

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bea · 08/10/2005 16:24

me and dh are leaving the kids with grandparents and scooting off to the Lakes for just one night away , early dec.. so we need somewhere lovely to stay... we can push the boat out a little so pricey and nicey please!
but then again not too pricey... somewhere which has great food too but not to posh!!!

getting very excited at the thought about it already!


OP posts:
grumpyfrumpy · 12/10/2005 12:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinsetandpearls · 12/10/2005 12:20

The Samling is gorgeous, Dp and I go for the occasional treat, it is worth going just for the huge baths!

bea · 12/10/2005 20:56

this is looking like a possiblility..

Temple Sowerby House

anybody been there... how far is it away from keswick etc?

all info welcomed...

thanks for all the info so far.. (keep it coming!) i'm almost beginning to feel qualified to write a accomodation guide to the lakes!!!!

OP posts:
Anteater · 12/10/2005 21:05

Not been but have heard the food is very good.
Temple Sowerby is a pretty village but has the very busy A66 right thro the middle. The hotel is set back about 30 yards from the road.

Ullswater 20 mins.
Penrith, 10 mins, Keswick another 15 (along the A66!)

Acorn Bank is close by (National Trust)
Can find out more if you wish, DPs sister works in TS.

bea · 12/10/2005 21:21

gosh anteater.. you are the font of all knowledge...

yes please, do find out about Temple sowerby... thanks...

sharrow bay looks lovely but a bit too posh for me and dh... we're a bit scruffy!

OP posts:
bea · 12/10/2005 21:27

can't help thinking that the drunken duck is just perfect for us... lovely rooms, lovely food... aomewhere for me and dh to get quite merry without being eyebrow raising! but looks like it's all booked up....

OP posts:
bea · 12/10/2005 21:27

plus the right price too!!!!

can't believe when looking at the tarrifs on some of these lovely places that they are for per person per night!

OP posts:
geraldgiraffe · 12/10/2005 21:29

here is my sister's hotel

Trying to find link to their website but can't at the moment! Another mumsnetter has stayed there btw and was v happy with it

geraldgiraffe · 12/10/2005 21:33

here is previous thread on subject
and here is the proper website

bea · 12/10/2005 21:44

oh no!!! just been looking at the map and temple sowerby is north bit of lakes... we're going to be travelling from manchester so we want to keep travel to a minimum.....

somewhere around the southern bit anybody???

i'm so rubbish at this!!!!

thanks geraldgiraffe (my dd's fave toy used to be gerald the giraffe... but fallen out of favour now to be replaced by ellie the bear!) will look into it!

OP posts:
geraldgiraffe · 12/10/2005 21:45

Windermere is south lakes. Takes about one and a half hours to drive there from Poynton so a bit less from Manchester if you go the Trafford way.

worriedfriend · 13/10/2005 10:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anteater · 13/10/2005 13:37

The Snooty fox would be a little like the drunken duck, its not the lakes but Kirby Lonsdale is lovely, and its nearer to you.

25 mins would see you at Windermere.

Another option may be Howtown Hotel at Ullswater.
Top location (near Sharrow Bay) but Much cheaper.
Loads of antiques. Has a bar, full of retired psb types but the location is magical and the food is very good.
Tel 01768486514

Janbo25 · 14/10/2005 15:02

I believe is supposed to be fantastic

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