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londoners-find me a hotel please!

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triplets · 07/10/2005 19:23

Looking for a room to sleep 5 in kensington area nr museums, max £100 a night, any chance do you think?

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eidsvold · 07/10/2005 22:52

stayed here when I arrived in the UK for over a week - fab owners... great feel to it.


Kaz33 · 07/10/2005 23:09

Used to live in Barkston Gardens, near Earls Court Road. You could try Barkston Gardens Hotel, lovely garden square, walking distance of musuems, 2 minutes to Earls Court tube

triplets · 07/10/2005 23:57

Thanks both of you, have e-mailed the first suggestion, very hard to find rooms for 5 at a price we can afford!

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unicorn · 08/10/2005 01:11

just tried to cat you(!!).. but I must have done it wrong.

How old are your kids? how many nights?how many rooms do you need? you could come here (but we only have 1 en suite loft room)

cat me if you like.

triplets · 08/10/2005 23:25

Hi unicorn,
We were looking for i night and my trio are 7, do you have a place in London then?

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Blu · 09/10/2005 23:36

Are they TRavelInnor travelLodge - one right by Euston Station and one in the old County Hall - both great locations for transpor. I think they do big family rooms- but not sure of price. Reasonable, for London, I think. Also the 'Happy Days' chain may be cheaper.

TRy the YMCA? Or the Youth Hostelling Association have a couple of places in london - you don't have to be youthful or a member any more!

ediemaybeabat · 09/10/2005 23:47

Also, there is an Ibis right next to Euston station, a short walk to the British Museum (and I think there's one in Earl's Court, close to the Kensington museums - loads of bus routes here)

Medea · 10/10/2005 00:21

I just went through this with a friend. . .he didn't have much of a budget, so I used this highly-recommended website: . I ended up putting him in the Thistle Lancaster Gate which overlooks Hyde Park (not the Kensington side) for £69 a night, which is a huge discount only available through the website. (Booking directly through hotel would mean at least £120/night--someone told me even £250/night.)

Failing that try the Citadine aparthotels. You can google it. The Barbican one is quite reasonable--the one near Trafalgar Square is considerably more expensive.

Thistles, though soul-less, tend to be clean & perfectly adequate & well-priced. Alternatively you could try a hotel in Bloomsbury called The Penn Club (they have a website) which is VERY reasonable, very clean, with lovely breakfasts. . .but because it's a Quaker institution, it's a bit ascetic: no television, no phones in room, no bar. But one of my friends stays there every year & likes it.

It's hard to find well-priced hotels in London--just so you're warned. And sleeping 5 for under £100 in Kensington will be a tall order, but maybe not impossible. Do try that website; it was a godsend when booking a hotel for my friend.

triplets · 10/10/2005 09:02

Hi all,
I think we are just going to settle for a day trip, probably go twice, it will be much cheaper. Travel Inn and Travel lodge will only allow 4 in a room, so 2 rooms is too expensive. Tried the YHA nr St Pauls they can do a basic 6 bed dorm for £118! No loo or anything for that price. I have tried the Londontown website, they were very good repling and gave a few recommendations but none could come up with anything unless we paid for 2 rooms! Its just that as you know there is so much we would like to do without rushing it, does anyone know what its like going into London on a Sun, seems to be our best option atm. Thanks.

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Medea · 10/10/2005 14:25

eidsvold, the Rhodes Hotel is v. near me, so i checked it out this morning, and have decided to book my friend there, and cancel his booking at the Thistle. I agree: it has a nice feel to it. Good tip!

Medea · 10/10/2005 14:27

Sorry, triplets, just saw your latest post. Sorry to hear everything is so expensive. I can't help with the "going in on a Sunday" query, because I don't leave London much, but hopefully someone else can help.

eidsvold · 11/10/2005 00:04

Medea - I found it on a website from here in Aus before I left and it was FAB. the people that own it are there - visit and say hi to everyone at breakfast, helpful with suggestions and ideas of places to visit and how to get to them. It was a very short walk to Hyde Park - there was a restuarant that did fab food just down from tehr e- can't remember the name. A short stroll to Oxford Street and Lancaster Gate tube stop was also a very short walk away. I remember it did not cost me much either... very important whilst still relying on aussie dollars.

triplets · 11/10/2005 22:54

We actually contacted this hotel and have had a lovely reply, but have decided to just go up for the days, we are broke! Will certainly keep it in mind for another time though, it looks good.

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