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HELP Need to cancel holiday

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 05/10/2005 14:08

My sister is due to go on holiday this Friday.Shes been ill for sometime and today has become worse (shes had a breakdown)

I rang Thomas Cook to advise and they said she has to go through the insurance and that takes months.She has a sick note

Has anyone out there had to cancel and claim.What can she expect?

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auntymandy · 05/10/2005 14:12

Years and years ago I cancelled a holiday and got my money back. got a letter from doctor to send to insurance.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 05/10/2005 15:06


Shes in a state.Her bloody husband has drove her crackers.Hes been having an affair and treating my sister like dirt,its all taken its toll.

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