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Sunday Times Travel - Readers Rants

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eve2 · 31/08/2003 13:03

...anyone else read this message!

For those that haven't a lot of bile about toddlers on planes, apparetnly this one was looking at them and they had to listen to pointless, repetitive and irritating nursery rhymess.

Sounds likes a well behaved toddler on a plane to me!!! and writer sounds like a throughly unpleasant human being, who obviously has no children!

I do think the discrimnation legisaltion should include children in it ,childrens have a right to be treated with respect just as much as anyone else and letters like this don't need to be printed. Writer also says all children should pay....they do pay taxes actually!

When anyone is unpleasant to my children in supermarket, plane or wherever I do point out who do they think is going to be paying for their pension in 20 years time! and maybe they should be a little more grateful because as they get old they will need help from if not my children someone elses!

OP posts:
codswallop · 31/08/2003 13:43

I think it is easy to forget that not everyone likes children though and if you are tired or whatever they are annoying............ even if they are your own.

Zerub · 31/08/2003 14:12


I love the line about the pension, must store that one away for future use...

I'm taking my toddler on a plane for the first time in a couple of weeks; must remember not to be super-sensitive to every look that we get!

Actually, there's always someone irritating near you on a plane. Personally I get annoyed by tall people in the seat behind who stick their bony knees in my back. Now I know they can't help being tall, but neither can toddlers help being young.

RockingRosebud · 31/08/2003 21:04

On a long haul flight years ago my 18 month old DS ran up and down waking everyone up! Oops.

Claireandrich · 31/08/2003 21:10

Just got back from holidays and first time of taking 16 mo DD on a plane to Italy, just over 2 hours. She did really well and slept for about an hour each way. But, she did make a bit of noise - chatting, singing and she had a book that made noises. Our experience was great though - noone complained about her, infact the opposite. She was the only little one on the plane and so many people came and told us how good she was. The people sat near her talked to her and 'played' a bit with her too, and couldn't have been nicer.

I just think that those who complain need to relaise they were little once, and what would they prefer - nursery rhymes or crying the whole way? Maybe they are just miseries full stop though and just like to complain about something, anything.

princesspeahead · 31/08/2003 21:37

i travel a lot on business, and I LOVE other people's children on planes. I love sitting there with my gin and tonic and knowing I don't have to do ANYTHING because they aren't mine!!! Sooooo relaxing....

but maybe I'm wierd that way.

judetheobscure · 31/08/2003 22:23

I read it too and was horrified at this man's suggstion that parents were being inconsiderate taking children on planes at ll. Would far rather be sat next to a child that is being entertained than a grumbly man (or overweight, snoring, smellyetc. etc.)

LIZS · 01/09/2003 09:55

When we travelled childless then other people's kids really annoyed me. I remember one particular flight where the back of my seat was kicked incessantly for the duration and the child was seemingly unchastised. However in this case it sounds as if the parents were being quite responsible in entertaining their child so no sympathy from me.

In fact it could even be us they are referring to - we travelled Easyjet about 3 weeks ago with ds and dd(on lap) and were seated ahead of a man who sat in front and tutted his way through the flight. Why on earth did he choose to sit there!!

What annoys me in particular is those who inconsiderately recline their seats fully onto my lap when I am holding the baby, let alone trying to eat.

Pimpernel · 01/09/2003 10:05

Is this the article (second letter)? The toddler doesn't sound badly behaved - nursery rhymes are hardly pointless if they entertain the child!

helenmh · 01/09/2003 10:41

It seems to be that there have been alot of anti-children letters in the sunday times travel section lately. makes you wonder if it is the same person writing them

judetheobscure · 01/09/2003 10:57

Yes pimpernel, that was the letter. Like you say, doesn't seem a problem at all in this instance.

oliveoil · 02/09/2003 10:25

I sat on a plane back from America once and cos we were late for our connection, we were the last on the plane. A baby was strapped into my seat as the dad obviously thought it was going to be empty and his face fell when I indicated it was actually my seat. The baby was a scrumptious little pudding and I helped hold him while his dad ate, let him store some of the baby gear near my feet etc. Hope I have stored up good karma for the future.....

On another flight however, there was a toddler running about ON TAKE OFF and the stewards were getting really peed of with the parents who said ' oh she doesn't like sitting down'. Unbelieveable.

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