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easyjet with kids?

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nicm · 29/08/2003 02:03

Hi wondering about peoples experiences travelling with kids and this airline. Have found comments on ryanair but not easyjet. Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Nome · 29/08/2003 08:05

Despite their sit anywhere policy, ds (7months) and I had to move from an aisle seat to a window seat because we were a safety hazard to the person in the window seat. i.e. if there were a crash, the window seat man wouldn't be able to get out. We were obviously a lost cause... No pre-boarding going, and coming back we were allowed down to the plane first, but everyone else streamed past us as I collapsed the buggy etc. Four hour delay coming back - no information given at all, then massive scrum at gate. The whole thing was rather poor and I could have driven (and will do next time) from Stansted to Edinburgh faster than I flew it.

Pimpernel · 29/08/2003 08:20

We took dd to Barcelona on easyJet when she was six months old. The staff were all very helpful. We boarded first on both outward and return flights and had no problems taking our buggy up to the door. There were baby changing facilities on board which were just about adequate (I wouldn't recommend using them if you don't have to - we only used them because dd was in disposables which we're not used to - they always smell bad to us, so we often think she's filled her nappy when she hasn't). There was a three hour delay coming back, but it wasn't too bad.

I was planning to write to them to thank them for making it so easy for us to travel with an infant....but then they lost my bag on the way back.

JanHR · 29/08/2003 08:49

I have flown from East Midlands to Edinburgh several times in the past year with dd (now 13 months) with EasyJet without any problems. I have even breastfed her on the flight without complant.

LIZS · 29/08/2003 11:14

We've flown easyjet twice with the kids. Priority boarding and take buggy to gate no problem - difficulty comes when you have to board from a bus on the tarmac and your priority goes out of the window in the scrum. Tip : if flight is not full plonk the baby on a seat between you and wait for someone to challenge you for the seat. Hopefully most will pass by but more difficult if you have more than one child . Last time we sat right at the front (not by door) so got extra legroom, the only restriction being that the person sitting on the aisle seat could not hold baby (23 month old!) or be pregnant as technically they were in the emergency exit zone. We only just made the baggage allowance though - 54kg for 3 passengers plus dd. nb. Gatwick delivers buggies to carousel not plane door - a long walk with 2 sleepy kids at night.

Grommit · 29/08/2003 11:26

I have travelled Easyjet countless times with dd - the staff are very helpful and I have had no problems

bunny2 · 29/08/2003 12:52

It is company policy to let young familites on first but the often forget to anounce it and then you just have to bundle for a good seat - not easy with a small child and all the paraphanalia in tow. Now I march up to the desk and ask if we can preboard so they usually let us through before anyone else.

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