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Can't live without......

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mummydreamer · 28/09/2005 22:49

apply once high factor sun cream!

Anyone else have things they cannot live without on holiday? I'm doing frantic last minute packing before dragging 3yr old and 6 month old off on holiday and I can't think what to take.....

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 28/09/2005 22:52
  • for 3 yr old - little bag full of small toys (buttons, a couple of teacups, a few free toys from cereal packets etc).

- for both, muslins. they can be towels, bibs, flannels. they're fab.
Surfermum · 28/09/2005 22:55

We once had a weekend away and dh forgot the buggy. Boy was he in trouble.

SherlockLGJ · 28/09/2005 23:02

I am no longer Mossie food, and it lasts for ever, well a long time

ediemay · 28/09/2005 23:55

lots of hats

katymac · 29/09/2005 07:39

Lavender oil - for calmin effect & also good on bumps & grazes

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