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dd is got cold, we r travelling on sunday?? help???

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diva4mgl · 23/09/2005 11:50

hi all,
dd`s got cold, she was reall y bad i spent all night standing near her cot in the nursery.
we are going holiday on sunday whic is 12 hours flight. what should we do?? dh worried about her but we cant cancel the flight.

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Pruni · 23/09/2005 11:53

Message withdrawn


LIZS · 23/09/2005 12:21

medised will help her sleep and dry up the cold. We also use a Boots vaporiser overnight and keep head elevated. She's got loads of time to recover but if she is still a bit blocked up you may want to feed her on take off and landing and use a nasal aspirator to help keep her ears from popping painfully.



diva4mgl · 23/09/2005 12:33

thnx girls,
i used olbus oil last night, and from 12-3 she was really bad, couldn`t breath and sleep. but after 3 she slept but she had lots cough. she had litlle runny nose last 2 days and everybody said, yeah thats the teeth,teeth coming through.
but nothing happened, we had this teething for almost 4 weeks,some days she is really bad and some days shes totally fine.
what is the medised???????????????????????????? where can i get it. i used baby snuffle, something like vaporiser
im so worried, as always. i was looking forward to see my family.

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LIZS · 23/09/2005 12:54

Medised is a painrelief/decongestant available from chemists etc - suitable from 3 months. The vaporiser I mentioned before is an electronic machine (from Boots) into which you insert a pad impregnated with menthol type liquid and this is released slowly over about 10 hours.


diva4mgl · 23/09/2005 13:08

could u tell me where can i get nasal aspirator??????? thnx again

OP posts:

LIZS · 23/09/2005 13:26

chemist shop - it is a small tube with a rubber ball on the end.


diva4mgl · 23/09/2005 13:36

thank you lizs, you are star. i called hv she is out, left message, havent heard yet. called doctors, they said they will call me in the late afternoon to see doc.
thank you so much

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