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Is it really going to cost us > £1300 to fly to California for Christmas?

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fqueenzebra · 19/09/2005 21:56

That's the cheapeast I have managed to get it, so far, for 2 adults, 2 children, + 1 infant.

Including tax, but not fuel surcharges that might come later.

That's via local airport & local travel agent... gets worse if I look on Expedia.

Do you guys think I can do better? Am curently looking at going out 9 December, return 6 January.....

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RTKangaMummy · 19/09/2005 22:12

2 adults GBP 571.00 each

2 children GBP 428.00 each

1 infant GBP 57.00 each

Total taxes, fees, charges and surcharges. This includes the September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per segment, and carrier imposed fuel and insurance surcharges. GBP 592.60

Total GBP 2,647.60
Flying Club miles you could earn Miles 10884 each


RTKangaMummy · 19/09/2005 22:12

so yours is cheaper than virgin


suedonim · 19/09/2005 23:38

Have you tried going to a BA shop, Zebra? Ds2 got a great deal by doing that, much cheaper than anything on the internet.

I know flying is much cheaper, relatively, than years ago but it's still darned expensive when you have a family to transport, isn't it? Ds1 (in LA) hasn't been home for two years but is coming here for Xmas, yippee!!!

The b*mmer is, dh is going to be working abroad soon and won't be home until New Year. Unbelievable.


SueW · 19/09/2005 23:58

Sounds like a bargain, TBH. We've flown there twice this summer and it cost £1400+ each time - just for DD and me. And we had to get to and from LHR each time too.


fqueenzebra · 20/09/2005 07:45

Wow, I guess that wasn't what I was hoping to hear, but thanks for the replies, at least!

We last flew in April 2003 and it "only" cost about £630, 2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant...!

OP posts:

fqueenzebra · 20/09/2005 07:46

ps: Suedonim, what do you mean BA shop? A high Street shop? We ahve booked over the internet with them before...

This flight I've got in mind now (£1400) is with KLM and Northwest....

OP posts:

MeerkatsUnite · 20/09/2005 08:12

Hi fqueenzebra,

TBH to me that sounds quite reasonable also.

BA's website is going to be cheaper than using the BA travel shop (there aren't all that many of these about. Of the four I know of three are in London and the other one's in Kingston in Surrey). Have used both methods and found the website to be cheaper - also if you use the BA website they will factor in the fuel surcharges as well.

If at all possible do not use a US based carrier to get there. Northwest's airline slogan IMO should be "not quite the worst!". Also with KLM/Northwest it is quite likely that you will have to fly to Amsterdam first then on to CA using Northwest. Not to be recommended especially on the return journey.

Re your trip in April 2003 you may well find now that all of April has become dearer because of the school holidays (the children where I live get two full weeks off at some time during April and only now get the Good Friday and the Bank Holiday Monday for Easter).


fqueenzebra · 20/09/2005 10:27

Yes we have to fly to Amsterdam first, but we would spend 3-4 hours getting to/from any of the London airports, anyway, so no longer overall.

I flew with Nwest before (9 yrs ago, mind) and they were ok.

For a > £500 savings, I think it will be worth the poorer service, anyway you get treated like sardines whoever you fly with.

I guess we were very lucky last time, it was on BA and after Easter, too.

Sounds like it is going to cripple us financially to go see my family every 18 months

OP posts:

MeerkatsUnite · 20/09/2005 12:10


BA's economy class is not bad and they do cater for children well in my experience.

I looked on BA's website and for you all to fly to Los Angeles between the dates you quoted came to just short of £1800.

I hope you have a lovely time visiting CA when you go and however you decide to fly there.


MaggieW · 20/09/2005 12:28

Try some airlines direct eg Air New Zealand (they fly into LA). I often find this cheaper than online or agents. I have a feeling fares rise around the end Nov/first week Dec, so ask for prices around that time, and if it's possible to be flexible, you might find a better deal.


suedonim · 20/09/2005 16:13

BA have a Travel shop in Aberdeen, Zebra, where some of their flights are definitely cheaper than on the net - ds has used them. Maybe they have special deals for Scots with deep pockets!

KLM are acceptable - we flew to and from Indonesia with them. I went to LA with Continental last year, they were alright as well. I reckon that flying cattle-class is much the same whoever you're with!


stripey · 20/09/2005 16:17

We booked for Australia at Christmas several months ago now and got a cheaper fare by travelling on the evening of 8th and returning on New Years Eve. Your fare does sound reasonable for Christmas though TBH


Ladymuck · 20/09/2005 16:45

Apparenlty Northwest prices are likely to drop due ot their Chapter 11 filing.


Frizbe · 20/09/2005 16:48

have you tried, usually come out cheapest?


Ladymuck · 20/09/2005 16:51 has a United flight on those dates into LA for c£1200 incl tax.


fqueenzebra · 20/09/2005 19:09

thanks for the leads gals, I will try and see what i can find.
have yet to find that \United flight on, though...?

OP posts:

kama · 20/09/2005 19:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twirlaround · 20/09/2005 19:13

frizbe - seem to sell luggage not flights!!!


SecondhandRose · 20/09/2005 19:18

That sounds like a real bargain to me, especially going over Christmas. I've booked flights long haul too but we come back on 23 Dec and ours are also £1300 for 2 adults and 2 children and not going as far as California.

Book it quick before the prices go up.


fqueenzebra · 20/09/2005 19:19 is a real site, but seems to be taking a small eternity to find flights.

Will try frizbe next.

OP posts:

Ladymuck · 20/09/2005 23:48

Not sure if this will work, but try here

If that doesn't work I found it by using Kelkoo travel (you type in your details and then it comes up with a selection of sites that it will put those details into (ie without you having to reenter the details each time)).


Janh · 20/09/2005 23:52

zebra, do you have to go via London? Have you looked at any of the Northern airports?


Ladymuck · 20/09/2005 23:53

Tried again on Last - London to LAX
Adult £313.70
Child £247.50
Infant £72
all incl of tax.


Janh · 21/09/2005 00:03

bmi, Manchester-Los Angeles via Chicago; adult £341, child £290, baby not quoted for (have to book babies by phone apprently) - total £1262 so no better really


fqueenzebra · 21/09/2005 19:23

Hey Janh -- we live in Northeast Norfolk, so London airports are a lot more convenient than Manchester or similar.

NEXT question, do I ask the school for the days off first (DS1 is in Y1), not knowing exactly which dates I'll be able to fly, or book the flights first, and afterwards grovel to the headteacher to sanction DS1's absence? He'll be out of school for "holiday" for slightly more than the 10 authorised days (probably about 14 days total this year.. .didn't miss any days due to holiday last year, though).

If I wait for school to ok the dates, I might miss out on the relatively "cheap" fare I have found so far (have to book it very soon, and school will be very slow to reply to tell me if that much time is ok. I could book an appointment with head to discuss this... if she has time, if she feels I'm wasting her time, isn't she more likely to say "No"? Also, I probably will get the number of missed days wrong, because flights fill up or don't go on whichever days we think might work (at the moment).

I want to just book first and then grovel to the headteacher, but DH thinks we should do it the other way around. What would you do?

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