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Suggestions for holidaying in Britain In October

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colette · 19/08/2003 13:42

My dh is really keen on taking a late booking abroad s/c in October. I am wondering if it might not really be a break with a 4yr old and a 3mnth old -we won't get the benefit of that kind of package holiday ie:sun ,bars,eating out.
I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for holidaying in Britain in October. Dh really likes to tour round local areas and do things independantly , he is anti centreparcs. However if anyone can explain their advantages I would consider it as I have started to consider them. Basically I want a cheap break and am not fussy if I get a good rest.
Or can you recommend a good s/c holiday in Britain in October.

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colette · 19/08/2003 13:44

oops posted twice

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miriamw · 19/08/2003 14:52

Well the usual s/c option in Britain is a cottage somewhere. I guess it depends on what you are looking for - you've mentioned that dh wants to tour round local areas - does that suit you and your 4 year old? I have seen people wander round the Med with children latish at night, and restaurants don't seem to mind - but bars are out I guess.

The advantage of centreparcs is that there are plenty of activities to do in one area, children are catered for in the water complex as well as some other activities, they have reliable babysitters as well as kids clubs if you want them. Downside - full of families, and I must admit that while you can eat out in the evening, the selection of restaurants isn't that great.

Not sure I can give much help - for me happy children mean that we're happy, so that tends to be our first priority - finding stuff that they can do (preferably with someone else looking after them while they do it ).

hmb · 19/08/2003 14:57

The big advantage of going abroad is that you are more likely to get good weather...not essential but it always helps if you are with children. If you want a good old fashioned seaside break with kids then Tenby in South Wales is terrific, beautiful beaches. There are lots of self catering options and you'd get a good price outside the school holidays. But going later, the weather might be against you.

fidget · 19/08/2003 15:03

We are presently looking to book a week away in north Devon during October half term, whilst making enquiries I was surprised how many places are actually closed. We chose Devon as although it's pretty safe to say the weather will be bad there are plenty of 'days out' including most importantly for my ds (3) Diggerland! If we find somewhere open with vacancies, I just hope the attractions are open also. I know lots of people who sing the praises of centre parcs and similar but it's not a cheap option!

badjelly · 19/08/2003 15:08

We're going to a hoseasons place in Cornwall in September - it's cheap & cheerful and everything on site is open all year round. They have an online brochure/checking/booking facility and do some quite good special offers - try this

hmb · 19/08/2003 15:12

Friends went to a Haven site and it was also very good value for money. But if your dh doesn't like Center Parcs he might not like Haven.

Bogwoppit · 19/08/2003 17:24

we staye din north devon this year & Exmoor/Devon border last year. we had a great time at both places.
last yr we had a pool & games room. LThis yr no pool, but a fab room of little tykes tyos, climbing frame swings, farm animals etc.
Booked hol through Blakes.
the places we satyed were
North Hayne Animal Farm - about 12 miles from Barstaple (2003)
Triscombe country cottages (1992)
both are open all year & there is plenty to do in the surrounding area. We found them both to be very child friendly

Hope that helps

Bogwoppit · 19/08/2003 17:24

oops 2002 sorry!

Philly · 19/08/2003 18:59

North or West Norfolk,we stayed in a super cottage at Sedgeford Hall with 4 year old ,8 year old and 10 wek old.Great indoor pool very warm and well maintained with sitting area,they had a small video library in lobby and nice walks,close to Sandringham,coastal walks,seal sanctuary at Blakeney point and also tacky Hunstanton for Fish and chips.They are in the english Country Cottages brochure.

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