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Ive promised to take ds toboganning at Xmas - where in UK can we do this?

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bunny2 · 18/09/2005 20:58

There is never any snow here in Bournemouth and I cant face a trip abroad. Is there anywhere in the UK where we can toboggan?

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nutcracker · 18/09/2005 20:58

Well they do it at the Snowdome in Tamworth but thats a long way from you.


muppet73 · 18/09/2005 20:59

I'm in Dorset and there is a place near hurn airport - give me a second and I'll try and find you a link


lockets · 18/09/2005 20:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

muppet73 · 18/09/2005 21:00

Actually went there for my 21st years and years ago


bunny2 · 18/09/2005 21:01

wow! fantastic responses. cheers

OP posts:

bunny2 · 18/09/2005 21:02

muppet - I looked at that site - can you toboggan there?

OP posts:

muppet73 · 18/09/2005 21:05

Go to bobbing and ringos link and its under ski bobbing - is this what you mean


bunny2 · 18/09/2005 21:26

just seen it - that is perfect escept he is only 5 and it looks like a 10+ activity. I might ring them tomorrwo. thanks muppet

OP posts:

muppet73 · 18/09/2005 21:30

hope it works out


Janbo25 · 20/09/2005 09:45

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