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Has anyone travlled with baby on Eurostar?

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poolie · 15/09/2005 11:35

Hi, has anyone ever taken their baby (my DD is 10months) away by Eurostar on holiday. We are gonig for 3 nights/4days and didnt know whether to take a pram or a lightweight buggy as she will be in it such a lot fo the day - help please!!

OP posts:

meggymoo · 15/09/2005 11:39

Message withdrawn


poolie · 15/09/2005 11:51

Its just with carrying bags etc. I'm not sure if it is best with a lightweight buggy or more substantial pram - so much stuff to take when you're not going by car!

OP posts:

Prettybird · 15/09/2005 12:10

There si a kiddy carriage on the Eurostar with a bit more sapce (for push chairs etc?) - and the added advantage that you don't need to worry about the noise that your kids make.

We had to take the Eurostar when ds was 18 months old (or was it 2.5?)

Can't remember if you can book it though - it was all done at the last minute as ds got an ear infection and we had to change from flying.


milward · 15/09/2005 12:10

I've taken eurostar - where are you going? I'd take a lightweight buggy as lots of city pavements can be narrow & difficult with a pram. Have you got a babysling? - easy to pop baby in as you get on & off the train. Will you have someone to help you? as Paris metro is difficult with all the barriers & steps with a pushchair.


milward · 15/09/2005 12:12

I always pack things in a rucksack as it is easier for me to have two free hands with my kids to keep track of.


beetle73 · 15/09/2005 14:21

I do it about once a month (we've been living in Paris for a year, since DD was 4 months.)
Rule no. 1 - try to travel off peak!! Mid afternoon?

I always take the proper pushchair, rather than the light Maclaren, because then I can take the carseat, which is of course needed because Paris doesn't have lovely big black cabs. Also, I can cram more stuff under the big pushchair. Other passengers always happy to help with getting on and off, but don't expect any help from airhead staff. Some of the luggage compartments have room to lie the folded buggy down, but otherwise I just hang it by the handles from the rack in the corridor.

There are, as Prettybird says, child carriages. I have mixed feelings about them. They give DD the chance to move about, but on the other hand I find it harder to get her to settle, because there's more for her to look at.
Another top tip (not necessarily safe). If you're having trouble getting your DD to sleep, head for the space between carriages. You'll find tip-up seats opposite each other. Sit on one, put feet on the opposite one (shoes off, of course), and lie baby down with head towards your feet. It really makes the most of the train movement, and my DD normally goes off quite quickly, so I can return to our seat and lie her down there.

They're always happy to heat baby meals in the bar.

Once you're in Paris, metro is a nightmare. However buses very good. Not too hard to get onto (esp. if there are 2 of you), and every bus stop has clear maps of the different routes.

And don't forget to eat out.


beetle73 · 15/09/2005 14:23

Sorry, just assumed you were going to Paris.
Well, have fun wherever you're going.

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