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Babington House

3 replies

Seagull · 14/08/2003 21:41

Anyone been with kids? Good/Bad? What to do at, or near the Hotel?

OP posts:
Azure · 14/08/2003 21:46

Friends without kids have been and loved it. I've tried to go a few times but there hasn't been any availability (I left it too late). One of my gripes, however, is that there is no babylistening service - you have to get a babysitter if you want a nice, grown-up meal in the restaurant.

tamum · 14/08/2003 21:51

Haven't been there myself, but we were at Woolley Grange last month and a family there had been a few times and were about to go again. they said it was great but getting less child-friendly. Children are only allowed in the swimming pool at certain times and so on. I noticed they came back to Woolley Grange the day after they left for Babington, so either it was a fleeting visit or it had got even less child friendly than they thought!
The only thing off the top of my head nearby for kids is Longleat, but it's quite near Bath and Bristol, so lots there.

Furball · 15/08/2003 22:14

They are both in the Mumsnet review - Weekend breaks with kids

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