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Going To Brussels for Weekend - any advice?

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Lara2 · 12/08/2003 15:23

DH and I are off to Brussels this weekend (child free - yippee!!!)- just for the weekend. Any advice, tips very gratefully received!!
Thanks in advance!!

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whymummy · 12/08/2003 15:31

beware of a little old lady with a walking stick,she started hitting my friend and i on a bus for not apparent reason
seriously tho,it was a long time ago and we didnt have much money so i cant suggest anything really,but is a really nice city,have a lovely time

SamboM · 12/08/2003 15:33

Mmmm, the food is fantastic! Will email my mate in Brussels and see if he has any recommendations.

Claireandrich · 12/08/2003 20:27

It's lovely, we have been a couple of timesnow. The Grand Place is really nice to see and there is a great pub/bar at the top of it - serves fab belgium beer and not over priced. Can be a bit smoky in places though.

Obviously the chocoloate can't be missed - its divine!!!

Watch out the the food prices. Try to avoid the main cafe/restaurant streets. These are all on one or two avenues with lots of tables outside, with heaters, etc. We found these overpriced and not great quality. Better to go the opposite way and find somewhere a bit quieter.

The Manekin Pis is a bit disappointing too as the statue is soooo tiny! However on special occasions you can see it all dressed up in various outfits.

And the beer! What more can be said. They are some breweries you can visit which are pretty good. The one we wnet too had a great restaurant too. Sorry, can't remember name of it

Have a lovely time.

Tinker · 13/08/2003 08:46

Brussels thread

Hi, there was a Brussels thread last year which may be useful.

Lara2 · 14/08/2003 09:09

Thankyou everyone - one day to go and really looking forward to it! Not sure my parents are so enthusiastic about having my monsters for 3 days though

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