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Mark Warner (Paleros) last minute questions!

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sandal · 10/08/2003 21:33

I've gone undercover for this one as it'd be easy for anyone who knows me to work out who I am from this message
We're off to Paleros soon and having never been on a MW holiday I just want to check a couple of details so any help is much appreciated!
Am I right in thinking there's a fridge in the room? And we're staying in a family room which has a separate double and single room and bathroom - has anyone got any experience of these? Does the bathroom come off the double bedroom or the single? And the brochure says that you can buy nappies out there - is it worth bringing them from home or just waiting? Are they mega-expensive? And any other tips for a stay in Paleros? Getting v excited now

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prufrock · 11/08/2003 15:12

Yes, there's a fridge in the rooms. No experience of the family rooms, but the doubles were very nice and spacious. You can buy nappies, they are very expensive in the shop, but you can go into Paleros (a 25 minute walk - take the beach road there even though it's rough in places and the high road back) There are 3 supermarkets - the 3rd one is the biggest and stocks nappies, baby wipes etc, including UK brands.
The washing service is brilliant, and relatively cheap. They weigh the clothes (so it's best for lightweight kids stuff rather than towels) and send them back beautifully washed and ironed.

Have a wonderful time. We loved it, and if Tiffany is still there tell her Francesca misses her.

sandal · 11/08/2003 15:23

Thanks Prufrock, I will! How old is Francesca and I guess from that she enjoyed the mini club?
Couple more questions - is the road ok for a pushchair or is it too rough? And did you have a good time? Any tips?

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prufrock · 11/08/2003 16:47

Francesca was 11 months, and she loved it. We took our M&P Aria and managed the road, there was one place where I had to drag it backwards, but it actually looks worse at the start than it is for the rest of the route, and the other way is very very steep on the way there (obviously it is on the way back as well but then you're going downhill!)

sandal · 11/08/2003 19:32

Ah well I guess a steep walk uphill daily will burn off all the food I intend to eat! Thanks for that, will report back on our return

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