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Would you send a 7 yr old in a cab on his own?

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essbee · 07/09/2005 17:50

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
edodgy · 07/09/2005 17:53

i'd hire a car if i were you it would probably work out cheaper than the taxi fares anyway, we hired one from Easy car rental when ours was out of action.

WideWebWitch · 07/09/2005 17:54

No, I think it's OK if a. you know the cab firm - a lot of them do school runs b. he's happy with it. Are you sure there isn't anyone who can help you for 2 weeks though? You could offer some babysitting or something in return.

essbee · 07/09/2005 17:55

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
edodgy · 07/09/2005 17:58

I cant remember how much ours cost but it was quite cheap here's the link car rental

If its the only journey you really do in the car then it may not work out cheaper but probably would do if you were using it for other stuff too probably worth a look.

Nightynight · 07/09/2005 17:59

can you cycle together?

edodgy · 07/09/2005 17:59

we did only need it for 5 days though.

lou33 · 07/09/2005 18:01

I've done it when dd1 was that age and had to go to school while her dad was working away. Lots of places will only take kids alone if they are over 8 tho, so check first.

swedishmum · 07/09/2005 18:05

If you contact the school or LEA they may have a list of local companies who do school runs therefore have police checked drivers.

essbee · 07/09/2005 18:11

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 07/09/2005 18:18

just asked and a taxi driver's advice is DON'T

All taxi drivers have to have a CRB check but only when they start then annually they sign off that they haven't committed an offence. There actual record is checked only every 5 years.

A child travelling without a parent should have an escort (this is the practice with school runs)

It is unlikely that you will find a firm who will do this as the cab driver is also at risk.

Best bet is to ask at the school if there are any spare places.

jampots · 07/09/2005 18:28

no way would I allow even dd to travel in a taxi by herself unless in an extreme emergency, school not being extreme enough. In fact our local taxi firm won't pick up children under 16 on their own and to be honest I dont blame them

LIZS · 07/09/2005 18:36

Any chance the school secretary could ask a few local parents for you - I'm sure you'd return the favour when you have wheels again. Someone must pass your way .

jampots · 07/09/2005 18:38

at our old school, if a child wouldnt go to school, the secretary and the deputy head would go and fetch him/her! You could always pretend he wont go

essbee · 07/09/2005 18:38

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
jampots · 07/09/2005 18:39

essbee - could you ask his dad to borrow his car or maybe get him to take ds to school or pick up - at least its only 1 journey instead of two you'd have to make?

essbee · 07/09/2005 18:41

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
fairyfly · 07/09/2005 18:58

Ring your ed welfare officer. They will tell you the best solution.

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