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Have small problem with car

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staceym11 · 07/09/2005 15:37

as dh has recently started driving we were given the mother-in-laws old car, a nissan sunny. we then had to ungrade dd into a fwd facing car seat as her rwd facing one wouldnt fit as the seat belt was not long enough. as we are thinking of having a new baby we obv need a rwd facing car seat. does anyone know of one that fits in this car?????????????

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Katemum · 07/09/2005 15:40

Have you had a look at the Britax fit finder on their website?


staceym11 · 07/09/2005 15:44

yeah i got a bit confused am i thick?

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Katemum · 07/09/2005 15:52

I had a quick look but didn't know the age of you car (obviously!), doesn't seem like any of their range are a good fit. Why don't you run down to a halfords or mothercare and get them to try some out for you.


staceym11 · 07/09/2005 15:54

no rwd facing ones fit due to the seat belts not being long enough

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starlover · 07/09/2005 15:56

i think you can get seat belt extensions. you'dn eed to talk to a nissan dealer


staceym11 · 07/09/2005 16:07

that would be gd thanks for the idea

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