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Help for Holidays / Days Out

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Emilyl · 02/08/2003 21:03

Hello, being a Mum of 2 boys under 3 years our holidays have to be carefully planned. Often we have to cross our fingers and hope that what we have booked is OK.After my last holiday in May 2003 I decided to try and set up a website where parents can go and recommend their holidays or days out. I aim to build a big database for everyone to access. The website is finally up and running Please visit it and email with your recommendations. Let meknow what you think.

OP posts:
Seagull · 03/08/2003 22:10

Does't mumsnet provide a platform for this information? The travel section is great for holiday and days out info.
Critical mass has already been achieved. You may want to suggest some improvements.
In my humble opinion, there are already to many websites. Information overload!
Sorry, this is probably not what you wanted to hear.

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