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Thinking of running away with my 4 yr-old....but where?

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ItchyFeet · 30/07/2003 14:10

It transpires that after accounting for Xmas & our late summmer holiday, I will have at least one week's more holiday left this year than DH (we both work full time...)
Last night I found myself thinking about what to do with it, and suddenly thought about just DS1 (aged 4) and I going off on holiday somewhere together on our own, for a few days, or even the week!

I really enjoy being out and about with him now, chatting about things and doing things together, so I have this rosy picture in my mind of us driving or flying somewhere and then having a fun time together - just the two of us. He'll be starting school next year, so there may never be quite the same opportunity again. Also, DS2 has just turned 1, so I sort of feel DS1 hasn't had much attention over the last year, and this would be a good chance to give him some undivided time with me.

Am I mad for thinking about this? Anyone done anything similar and have a view?
Also - where, what etc? We're probably talking October time, and to be honest, cost is not a big issue, although I don't particularly fancy going to Australia or too far afield!

OP posts:
eefs · 30/07/2003 14:12

what a brilliant idea - you'll have a great time.
what about disneyland paris or one of those fun places - there'd be things there that you could do together and your ds would love it.

Teletubby · 30/07/2003 14:14

I think it would be lovely - make the most of the time together. Try and pick somewhere where you don't have the troubles of drinking water, no loo paper down loo etc. What about France or even the south of France if you wanted really hot weather? He'd probably love the ferry and there'd be no boredom of sitting on a plane or travelling for hours and hours in a car.

iota · 30/07/2003 14:16

what are you going to do with ds2?

ItchyFeet · 30/07/2003 14:26

iota - they're both currently in nursery during the week, so DS2 would be there during the day, and with Daddy later - bit mean, I know, but I don't think it would be much of a holiday if I took both of them! DS2 adores his Daddy (more than me I think!) so I don't think he'd have any problems, and although dh might be a bit grumpy about being left, he'd come round to the idea....

OP posts:
bossykate · 30/07/2003 14:34

how about going to alghero in sardinia? detta gave some good advice about this here .

dinosaur · 30/07/2003 22:51

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This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

beetroot · 30/07/2003 22:55

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NikkiD · 31/07/2003 08:02

What about Centre parcs? You could go Mon-Fri so that you're at home for the weekends. Lots to do on site but you could also have a couple of days out locally. And there's childcare for DS if you choose to have a pampering sess for yourself.

codswallop · 31/07/2003 08:06

i think a good idea! no time wasted travelling then.

Dannie · 01/08/2003 04:58

Paris? I went for spring half term with my then 4yo ds and he loved it. We went on a river boat & up the Eiffel Tower and sat in cafés and he was transformed into a very short urban sophisticate. He's a transport obsessive, so he found plenty to amuse him (double decker trains!)

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