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Chessington world of adventures

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octavia · 29/08/2005 12:06

Has anyone been and do you think its suitable for a 6 year old who loves rollercoasters and such like!Ds really wants to go so if anyone can give me any advice on how to get the most out of it I would be very gratful

OP posts:
roisin · 29/08/2005 12:58

bump for you
Well actually bump for me.

Btw I would like someone to post and say it's a complete waste of time and money, Legoland and Alton Towers etc. are far better.
It is heavily advertised in the Beano, and dss are desperate to go.
Geographically it's hopeless for us, so help me out here please ladies

SoupDragon · 29/08/2005 13:07

Check out the height restrictions in the Park Guide to see what rides your DS would be able to go on. I think it has far less of the really scarey White Knuckle rides so it's more suitable for youngsters (although not necessarily really young children). 6 is probably Ok if he meets the height restrictions since he likes roller coasters.

I bought my tickets using my Tesco clubcard points which made it ridiculously cheap. Check the prices online on the website above (and other places I guess) or I do have some vouchers for £8 off entry (1 voucher per person per transaction, I have 4 vouchers in all so I guess if you bought 4 seperate tickets at the gate, you'd be able to use all 4. email me on huffahorse at hotmail dot com if you decide to go and want them.)

SoupDragon · 29/08/2005 13:08

Arse - vouchers only valid until August 31st this year!!

octavia · 29/08/2005 13:13

thank you anyway, that was kind of you to offer

OP posts:
SueW · 29/08/2005 17:17

I took DD to Chessington for the NCTea Party a couple of years ago when she was 6yo and it was perfect for her. She loved every minute.

NCT have a deal on Cheesington tickets this year. Call 0870 770 3236 ext 2325. You don't need to be an NCT member to benefit. Latest info I have is:

1 adult for the special price of £19.00 with 1 FREE Child place*!

Additional child tickets priced at £14.50 normal ticket price £28 adult & £18 child) Please Note : Entry at this special rate is available to end of season only (31st October 2005). *Children aged between 4 and 11, Under 4's go free, any additional child is charged at the special rate of £14.50 Person 12+ pays adult offer price. All prices correct at time of print.

BTW, they also have a fantastic offer on Alton Towers tickets too.

Ladymuck · 29/08/2005 17:41

Obv some of the rides are height rather than age dependant, but the park guide will tell you which. We love it (ds's are 2 and 4) - with the animals as well there's something for everyone, but we're Tesco Clubcard owners and use the £20 of vouchers for an annual ticket (also gives entry to Alton and Thorpe Park). Personally I don't find the queues too long, although occasionally I walk away from a ride and go back later. I think that you can buy a pass for the day which gives you pre-set times when you just jump to the front of the queue for the top 5 or 6 rides (this used to be free, but apparently it has changed).

JAG123 · 29/08/2005 18:55

We went about 4 weeks ago & loved it. Took DD (4), Nephew (8) and Niece (15) and they all had a great time. We booked our tickets online free child place with each adult. But booking on line day before was great because we didn't have to join the main queues just straight to advance booking which was a lot smaller. We did have the fasttrack which was useful as there is so much to get round. Only down side for us was that we are in Birmingham so took us about 2 hrs to get there. Set out at 9 got back at 9 so a really fun packed day and we would def go again.

bigdonna · 06/09/2005 20:47

hi octavia i took my 8 and 6 yr olds in august it was brilliant.we got in for £21.00 for an adult and kids free.we had to go on a saturday because my husband could not get a day off,if we had gone during the week we could have got in for £10.00 each i think it was with your son enjoys it my 6 yr old loves high rides and my 8yr old hates the normal dd went last saturday with a friend she even went on vampire ride!.

MrsWood · 20/09/2005 16:29

I took my 2 year old there in August and there were plenty of rides available for her age - I'd imagine there is plenty more for a 6 year old. I'd agree that Legoland is much better though - also, Thorpe Park is great for that age

Norash · 20/09/2005 16:32

Definately worth going.

stripey · 20/09/2005 16:41

Hi I think it is a fantastic place. We have a family membership and go quite often but only live about 15 mins away.

There are loads of rides there for 6 year olds and plenty of other things to do and see. Even though it is end of season we went on Sunday and it was really busy. They are opening new rides, I think a beach and water slide and a Hotel next year so if you don't make it this year definitely book it in for next year. The Denis the Menis show is great for kids too.

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