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Great Yarmouth-Places To Visit, Please!

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bubbaloo · 28/08/2005 20:10

We're off to Great Yarmouth for our hols in a couple of weeks,and just wondered if there were any good places to visit,nearby.


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bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 12:58


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colditz · 07/09/2005 13:00

the sealife centre is great! quite dear though.

If I were you I would spend lots of time of the beach.


bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 13:03

Thanks Colditz.Lets hope the weather stays nice-we're going on Saturday!

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Cooperoo · 07/09/2005 13:06

Hi Bubb
I think there is a Butterfly place to visit too. I seem to remember that being quite good. It is about 13 years since I was there though so prob not much help. Sorry.


katymac · 07/09/2005 13:08

Thrigby Wildlife Park
Suffolk Wildlife Park
Wroxham Barns
Pettits adventure park
Sea Palling beach is very quiet


bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 13:08

Cheers Coop-just reading your mammoth post-LOL

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bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 13:10

Wow-I'm spoilt for choice,now.Thanks Katymac.

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spagblog · 07/09/2005 13:11

Also Pleasurewood hills nearby.
The wax works there is supposed to be infamous for being the worst ever...Not sure if that appeals


Cooperoo · 07/09/2005 13:11

Bubb- What am I thinking?? We stayed in Norfolk for our hol this summer and went to Thrigby Hall wildlife park. It was very good I thought. Animals all seemed happy, quite large enclosures and nice set up. Gibbons were excellent. Think it was about £7.50 but not sure as we were in a big group and my sis paid as her contrib to the week away.....
Also I thought Beccles was nice as a town to wander round with little antique shops, book shops, and a fab deli. Nice hotel called the Waveney on the river for food. Why not get a boat and go out on the Broads if the weather is good. Redwings horse sanctury is not too far either......I think that is all I can remember for now. Norwich is worth a visit too. Have fun.


bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 13:19

Thanks Spagblog-got a feeling we went to those wax works a few years ago.Well...we went to some somewhere and they were awful.

Coop-Beccles sounds lovely so might have to try that too.I love antique shops.
Might also pop into Norwich,as my uncle lives there and he hasn't seen Ds yet.

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Cooperoo · 07/09/2005 13:23

Oooh. I hope you like it now. I always get nervous when I recommend places lol. Don't punish me if you think it is awful!


bubbaloo · 07/09/2005 13:27

Don't be daft-I'm easy to please,anyway.

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pepsi · 17/09/2005 21:20

We went to Pettits when our ds was about 15 months. It was really good, open space, rides and animals.


grumpyfrumpy · 22/09/2005 14:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DissLocated · 22/09/2005 14:57

More votes for Wroxham Barns, Sealife Centre, Suffolk Wildlife Park. Fritton Lake is supposed to be nice, not been there yet but will be going next week with dd. Gorleston beach is nice, quiet and not very touristy.

Pleasure Beach is OK but quite small.

The waxworks is still there although I haven't been in it.


spacedonkey · 22/09/2005 14:58

the wax works are a must-see - hilariously bad


DissLocated · 22/09/2005 15:00

In Norwich I can recommend the Origins exhibition in the Forum and the Castle Museum.


bubbaloo · 22/09/2005 15:54

Thanks everyone.
We're now back from Yarmouth and had a great time,although we came back earlier than planned as it was so cold at night that DS and dh both caught a cold.We went to the wildlife park and the beach,aswell as Lowestoft and Caister.Walked past the wax-works and realised we had been there before,and yes they were really bad.

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