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Prestwick (near Glasgow) weekend? Troon, what do you think?

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RockingRosebud · 26/07/2003 20:42

As we live near Stansted, was thinking of taking DH to Troon (golf) for the weekend. It is very near the coast, can anyone tell me if it is a coastline with a holiday type beach? Also is it a touristy area? What can we do DS8 and DD4 whilst DH plays golf?


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Mocha · 26/07/2003 21:04

Troon is a beautiful town,which is very tourist orientated and has a lovely beach. I have friends that live in Troon and love it. My parents live in Livingston and I live in Burton. My parents a thinking of possibly booking a caravan holiday in Troon is September.
I think that you and your family will love it.

M2T · 26/07/2003 21:39

It's also very close to other lovely seaside resorts if you are hiring a car. Largs is one and you can take the ferry to Isle of Cumbrae. Millport is the town there. Actually, there is a whole thread about Millport and what to do there (can't remember which one though). I saw wild Dolphins in the sea there, fantastic!

Mocha · 26/07/2003 21:56

If you go to Millport you can hire bikes and cycle round the island.

M2T · 26/07/2003 21:57

That's right , I forgot about those! We hired tandems.

codswallop · 26/07/2003 21:58

rubbish M2t,we know you have never been...

M2T · 26/07/2003 22:01

Hee hee... the reason I forgot was coz I went there as part of my Uni course. there's a Marine Biology research unit there. We were there for 5 days in the a glorious summer heat wave! Not much MARINE biology was researched.

codswallop · 26/07/2003 22:02

god - students eh? tsk tsk

butterflymum · 26/07/2003 22:11

Assume you are flying and not taking the car?

With either a hired car or using local trains, there are lots of things up and down that stretch of coast you can do with the kids. For some examples have a look here:

Ayrshire and Arran Coast - Things to do with the Kids

Enjoy your trip!


ps , on that same site, you can find out loads more about the area from golf to eating to places of interest etc.

jasper · 26/07/2003 22:46

Troon is right on the coast with a massive long beach with a big "green" as well as miles of sand.
It is a lovely town,a bit touristy in an upmarket way,good just to wander round.
The Apple Inn on the main street is good for lunch, and nearby Lochgreen House is my favourite ever restaurant.
Be sure to go for an ice cream in Tog's cafe near the main traffic lights.

jasper · 27/07/2003 00:36

You can get links to both Lochgreen and The Apple Inn here

mears · 27/07/2003 00:46

Really amazing to see my home town as the title of the post. Good links from Jasper.

mears · 27/07/2003 00:46

Really amazing to see my home town as the title of the post. Good links from Jasper.

mears · 27/07/2003 00:47

And butterflymum

mears · 27/07/2003 14:47

Here is a site for you to look at


RockingRosebud · 29/07/2003 16:54

Thanks everyone. DH has decided it would be better for him to do the golf thing on his own. Would still like to go though, it's my birthday next week so i'll drop a couple of hints!

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