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Robbie Williams - Stevenage

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MrsSimmy · 25/07/2003 20:19

Help.........Does anyone know of any campsites/accommodation in or very near to Stevenage. We are going to see Robbie Williams on Friday and are really stuck for somewhere to stay - apparently most hotels have been fully booked since tickets went on sale last November!!!


OP posts:
lou33 · 25/07/2003 22:02

Have you tried the Novotel or the Travelodge (might be a travelinn)? Hitchin is also close of you look for accommodation there. I think there is a place called the Sun Inn that my mil used to stay at. A bit further afield, but close enough to drive is Luton. There are plenty of hotels around the airport.

Demented · 26/07/2003 19:41

Can't help with the accommodation but enjoy Robbie, we saw him at Murrayfield a few weeks ago and he was fab!

Hope you get your accommodation sorted!

Claireandrich · 26/07/2003 21:36

Can't help but wanted to add - have a great time. We are going on Saturday and really looking forward to it. Apparantly Kelly (Osbourne?) and Ash may be the support acts. We saw him a couple of years ago and he was great then.

emsiewill · 26/07/2003 22:30

Anyone going on the Sunday? I got a ticket unexpectedly, due to my aunty's incompetence (and I thank God for her incompetence every day!). Luckily my cousin lives in Ware, which is apparently not too far away, and he's arranged a limo to take us there. Not really my style, but if it's on offer, it'd be rude to turn it down, wouldn't it?

Claireandrich · 26/07/2003 22:34

Wow emsiewill - how lucky was that. Mine cost me a fortune - 3 tickets cost over £100!

emsiewill · 26/07/2003 22:38

Hmmm, don't get the wrong idea - I've still got to pay for it (well, actually, although I presume she's going to want money for it, I haven't actually asked how much yet, seemed irrelevant at the time, just said "yes, yes, yes" before the poor woman could even finish telling me.)

Claireandrich · 26/07/2003 22:40

Ah well! Still a piece of good firtune though. Our tickets only arrived on Thursday this week. I was getting kind of worried!

emsiewill · 26/07/2003 22:45

Yes, that's sort of what happened to my aunty - she ordered tickets, and promptly forgot who she'd ordered them from! No money was taken from her card and nothing turned up, she did go through her phone bill and call some unfamiliar numbers to see if they were the ones, but couldn't track the company down. Eventually, she just ordered some more (and kept a note of the name of the company lol), and of course what happened? The other tickets turned up as well! She used to be so efficient (officious?!) when I was young, thank goodness she's getting older now.

Claireandrich · 26/07/2003 22:48

LOL! Wish I had an aunt like that.

Demented · 27/07/2003 14:50

Kelly Osbourne was pants!

Claireandrich · 27/07/2003 14:53

Suspected that might be the case!

Furball · 27/07/2003 20:37

We've just sold our old sofas to Robbie Williams roadie!

Claireandrich · 27/07/2003 20:37


badjelly · 28/07/2003 09:43

I spent the whole of last Friday trying to find somewhere for a mate - it looks like the whole of Hertfordshire is full, sorry!

misdee · 28/07/2003 10:44

OH DEAR. U DO KNOW TYHE ROADS ARE GONNA BE GRIDLOCKED DONT U??!! everywhere in herts is pretty much booked up, even here in welwyn i belive places are full this weekend. trains are gonna be full up, i'm not even gonna attempt to get into stevenage this weekend. and my wee little sister lives there.

Claireandrich · 28/07/2003 19:56

When we went to Knebworth last time for the Oasis concert the roads in and out were pretty bad but then most big concerts are! Hopefullt I will be back home in Sheffield before DD wakes up in the morning

MrsSimmy · 30/07/2003 20:36

Thanks for your replies I have found a campsite in Langley which is apparantly only 15 minutes walk. I think its a couple who let out some land to make some money - don't blame them though and we don't mind as its still half the price of a hotel!! Am really excited now - he's such a great performer and lovely to watch! Dd is with nanny all weekend so Dh and I can really let our hair down!!

OP posts:
Demented · 31/07/2003 11:51

Glad you've found somewhere MrsSimmy. Have fun!

batey · 02/08/2003 20:49

Just read that one woman gave birth and 4 went into labour at last nights concert!!! Wonder how many of the sproglets will be called Robbie/Bob!!!!!

Hope you had a great time MrsSimmy and weren't stuck on the hard shoulder ??

willow2 · 02/08/2003 22:09

My friend's sister left her home at 1pm for the 2 hour drive to Knebworth. They got in to the site just before 10pm. Robbie finished about 15 minutes later. It took them six hours to get home.

Rock n roll eh?

Claireandrich · 04/08/2003 15:11

How did everyone like Robbiw who went? I thought he was fab! Well worth the money too. And the weather was perfect.

Traffic getting there was no problem at all for us, no problems on A1. Village was busy but not too bad and got there in time for Ash. Set off just after 12 noon from Sheffield, got there around 3:30pm. It was nearly an hour's walk from car park to knebworth

Not so great on way home though. We got back to Sheffield at 5am after the concert finished at 10:30pm It was choas getting out of the grounds and took over 2 hours to walk back to the car park, it then took over an hour to leave the car park - no marshals helping at all! Knebworth was really busy too. Once on the A1 it was fine though. maybe I am getting too old for these big concerts and need the smaller venues instead!

emsiewill · 05/08/2003 09:23

Had a FAB time. We were staying in Ware, and my cousin had arranged for us to go in a limo (there were 9 of us), and we had no traffic trouble - got there about 12:30. My aunty and I stayed outside the main arena for most of the afternoon - finding the shade as we're both fair skinned. The rest of our party were in the middle of it all, and were pretty much boiled to death. I joined them about 5:30, towards the end of Ash, when the sun was starting to get a bit less hot. Moby was good, and then came Robbie....... what a star! Loved every minute of it, expecially when Mark Owen came on - I went absolutely mental (used to be a TT fan). I really enjoyed having the chance to be a teenager again - I think everyone should have a good scream once in a while! Took us 2 hours to walk out of Knebworth, and it was a bit scary, so many people. Were we glad to see our limo!
So, to sum up, had a really good time, but not sure I would go through it all again - maybe I'll just stick to indoor concerts in the future, where you get a seat and can turn up 1/2 hour before. I'm definately getting old!

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