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Hotel advice for seville?

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carriemumsnet · 24/08/2005 21:12

Going for a girlie weekend with my sis in Seville in Oct and need a not to expensive, but fun and central hotel in Seville - possibly with a pool?

Is that asking too much and has anyone been to Seville - is it fun?

OP posts:

Frenchy72 · 25/08/2005 11:17

Hi! Sevilla is fabulous! lots of tapas bars and great cheap drinks and delicious food. Try to do a chupito competition with your friends! a chupito is a mini cocktail (1 euro) invented on the moment by the barman. it is never the same ingredients and it is to be swallowed quickly like a tequila. a nice moment really. not all the bars do it.

as for the hotels, my partner and I stayed slightly outside the centre which is too expensive. the Lonely Planet recommended 'Patio de Sevilla' and we loved it. no swimming pool though. but the rooms have a fridge and a cooker. the fridge is really convenient when it is hot. the rooms are large and modern.
the price in June was 90 Euros + 7% TAX

[email protected]

hope this helps


carriemumsnet · 25/08/2005 21:44

Thanks so much

Anyone else anything to add

OP posts:

gingerbear · 25/08/2005 22:06

Sevillia is a great city. The Barrio de Santa Cruz (Old Quarter) is great to visit and for great tapas bars/ cafes. I loved the Giralda and the surrounding square and sidestreets is where the great nightlife is. The Alcazar is worth a visit, as is the pedestrianized shopping centre (Calle Serpies??) Triana on the west bank of the river has good bars and restaurants.

I think I stayed at Hotel Cervantes, just north of the centre. That was in pesatas though, so I really can't remember how much it was

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