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blackpool tower

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fairydust · 24/08/2005 16:11

blackpool tower is it worth the £37 for the three of us to visit?

OP posts:
Nixz · 24/08/2005 16:48

imo - no!
They do have a great play park for the kids which is huge but gets very very busy. I'd rather go the Sandcastle with my DD whos 4.5 or the zoo which is nice as its not that big. Louis Tussauds isnt that great, Ripleys believe it or not is good. Im biased about that place tho as my consultant had told me i was not going to conceive naturally and we visited the fertility statue there and a week later dd was conceived!ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!

chatee · 28/08/2005 08:30

we went in february whilst staying at bubblerocks b+b and we were in the tower from 11am until 5.30pm and still missed out on one of the rides.
the circus show was fantastic...
we had 4 children with us ages boy 12 months,girl 4,boy 5 and girl 6
just to add the girl age 4 has cerebral palsy and has walking difficulties and the staff were very very helpful...

bonkerz · 28/08/2005 08:42

I second chatee, we paid £43 for me, Dh and DS5 DSD4 to go when we stayed at BR hotel earlier this month. I too was sceptical about the price but have to say its less than we would have spent if we spent the day touring blackpool.
We got there at 10am and stayed till 5. The circus was amazing and both the kids loved it, we were in the circus for over an hour and a half. We also ate on the tower and it only cost £12.50 for all 4 of us to have a good meal so well worth it.
The aquarium was great and the ride was scary enough for my two! We went right to the top of the tower which the kids loved as well and then only spent about an hour in the jungle play area, although we could have spent much longer!
Definately worth every penny but tip is to go early, book early circus show and eat later to avoid queues. We started at the top of the tower and only queued about 10 minutes to get to top!!

Nixz · 28/08/2005 08:57

Whats bubblerocks??????
Must admit i didnt do the circus at the tower but dd isnt that good at sitting and watching, maybe thats why i spent so long in the play area, she didnt even know we were at the top of the tower, too busy asking for an ice cream!

bubblerock · 28/08/2005 08:58

I still haven't been!!

Too busy with blinkin Mumsnetters to see the sights of Blackpool - and we get in free, perks of being a Hotelier

Nixz · 28/08/2005 08:59

oh your bubble rock he he!
Just when you thought you had a free weekend, someone else disovers you...............

roisin · 28/08/2005 09:05

I'm pleased to hear business is good bubblerock!

I agree the Tower is fab. When we went to see the Chinese State Circus at Kendal (touring) it cost us about £60 for all four of us and the Circus at the Tower was as good if not better.

Tip One: You can use Tesco vouchers - save loads of money.
Tip Two: Don't go on a windy day as they close the lifts and you can't get to the top.

megandsoph · 28/08/2005 09:28

ooooh am moving to fleetwood in jan canny wait to go to the tower again...

is that where the circus is too?

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