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hotel santa fe disneyland paris

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arin247 · 22/08/2005 17:21

I'm due to travel to disneyland paris(next week) staying at the hotel santa fe for 2 nights with an 11mth old and 3yr old.Just wondering if anyone has stayed there and what was it like?Thinking about upgrading to hotel cheyenne or sequioa lodge.any feedback welcome....

OP posts:
Hulababy · 22/08/2005 17:30

Not stayed there so no advice, but before upgrading (not sure how much that would be) consider how much time you are likely to be staying in yourr room. We went to DLP recently (at Davy Crockett) and spent very little time in our rooms - most of time at DLP and we didn't keep going back and fort. Once in park we stayed there, and we were happy to eat breakfast at rooms, and then eat rest of time in DLP.

Whatever you decide, have a fab time.

Aimsmum · 22/08/2005 17:40

Message withdrawn

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 22/08/2005 21:24


Stayed at Santa Fe last June with three kids (5,3 and 1)

Up and out for 8.30 and not back till late.Room ok.Comfortable but no lifts (we had three buggys-5 year old tired as loads walking)Breakfast a bit of a free for all. Everyone there (different sittings from 7.00am)for a buffet and a giant seating area,felt a bit like school dinners.

We said if we went back we would upgrade to Cheyenne.Its that bit closer to park and we chose to walk everyday rather than try and get three buggs on the free bus.Also looks nicer from outside.

Saying all that,if you decide not to upgrade then it wont affect your holiday.All you want at the end of your day is a bed,wherever it is

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 22/08/2005 21:25

Oh Sequioa Lodge looked VERY nice

Have a fab time!!

LIZS · 22/08/2005 21:29

We stayed in Sequoia Lodge and it was ok (lifts , pool etc) but not anything really special. We didn't spend much time there so never used the pool or play ground. Kids had to share a double bed .

bluesky · 22/08/2005 22:09

Rooms are small and basic, no room around the beds to 'play', so kids play on the bed! Big canteen style breakfast. But it's fine because you are there for the park and literally come back and fall fast asleep, all of you at the same time!!

redshoes · 01/09/2005 08:49

Upgrade. We stayed there last year and found it very shabby. Also, we all got really sick/fluish so spent more time than planned in room!

swedishmum · 01/09/2005 12:43

We haven't stayed there but we didn't like Cheyenne. Bunk beds for kids, and v little room for travel cot in room with us. Herding instinct, vile queuing to check in and coffee in cardboard cups for breakfast.
Sequoia was better - 2 double beds in room and space for travel cot. More characters around, closer to the fun and real cups for the coffee!!

Cheyenne was hostel-like and Sequoia more hotel like.

Having said all that, agree with others that the hotel is hardly what you're going for. You'll have great fun whatever.

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