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caribbean cruise with a 4 month old!

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forevermore · 22/08/2005 17:14

dd will be 4 months when we go on a caribbean cruise in December. intend to be bottle feeding by then as already mix feeding .

would love some tips..with respect to ...what to bring for her, sun protection, travel system, sterilisation, on board health facilities (doctors etcs)...any help would be appreciated

OP posts:
LIZS · 22/08/2005 17:23

You can get disposable travel sterilising bags from Mothercare containing specific tablets to which you add water. The solution is ok for 24 hours and you suspend the filled bag from shower tap or you coudl take a ice cream tub and regular cold water tablets. You'd probably need a travel kettle to make up formula and for the baby's drinking water if your cabin isn't already equipped.

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