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Tudor Court - Extreme AI?

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MrsJackRackham · 16/04/2023 21:47

I'm just thinking, Tudor court must have been a lot like being in an All Inclusive resort. All food and drink provided, you had a set time to dine, entertainment each night and you had your own suit of rooms which were cleaned for you. Downside, of course, is your position was determined by the monarch's favour. It must've been exhausting 😕

OP posts:
waltzingparrot · 18/04/2023 10:24

And you could lose your head in a more permanent way.

SparkyBlue · 18/04/2023 10:28

I wouldn't have had the energy for the scheming and having to know who was in favour and who to side with. But it's nuts when you think if you were one of the queens ladies you moved into her castle and were part of all the carry on that happened

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