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Reparations for Irish famine?

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umpteennamechanges · 17/01/2021 23:06

Not a TAAT but inspired by another thread...

If (and I realise it's a big if and very theoretical) reparations were made to descendants of slaves.

Would there be an argument to do the same for descendants of the Irish famine?

I can see arguments both ways - in one sense they weren't slaves, so the argument could be that the line is simply drawn there.


  • They were victims of genocide (IMO)

  • They lost family and were forced, through starvation, to leave their homes and culture

  • I don't have any studies to prove this but I suspect their descendants are, on average, are disadvantaged compared to the descendants of the ruling English class and I suspect there's not been that much mixing of the two sets of descendants in reality (even though I disprove this point because I've married someone with quite the posh family history once I looked into it)

  • They suffered a massive amount of racism when they came to the UK ("no blacks, no Irish, no dogs")

I'm not wedded to some kind of campaign by the way - just wondered on people's thoughts.

Wasn't sure where to put it so chose history!
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