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Books on social history

9 replies

Sunnydays999 · 15/05/2015 19:05

Hi all - I'm really intrested in the social aspect of history . Any area really but I'm intrested in every day peoples lives .
Can anyone recommended any books ?

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Racers · 15/05/2015 19:22

Anything by John K Walton, an old Prof of mine. Lots of everyday working class stuff, esp Victorian Britain. "Fish and Chips and the British Working Class" is quite well known! :-)

NickiFury · 15/05/2015 19:24

Home by Bill Bryson is good. Each chapter focuses on a particular room in the house and the history behind it and the objects in it. It's fascinating.

Racers · 15/05/2015 19:25

Just looked on Amazon - bit pricey! Used to pick these up at uni library or borrow off him. Anyway maybe you're looking for something less specific?!

Racers · 15/05/2015 19:26

Another vote for Home here..

CMOTDibbler · 15/05/2015 19:29

Round about a pound a week is a really interesting book on the lives of working class women in Lambeth in 1909-1913 - you really understand their lives.

SenecaFalls · 15/05/2015 19:34

The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century by Ian Mortimer is a fun read.

BitOfFun · 15/05/2015 19:42

Lucy Worsley's 'If Walls Could Talk' is a really interesting read.

YonicScrewdriver · 17/05/2015 22:04

Any particular period, OP?

Sunnydays999 · 19/05/2015 19:12

Hi thanks for the Ideas I will have a look - I particularly like Victorian / Edwardian . Looking forward to 24 hours in the past tonight , anyone else watching it

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