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The history between Israel and Gaza

6 replies

AnyaKnowIt · 15/11/2012 21:39

With the recent events happening, would anyone be able to direct me to an impartial 'history' into what is happening? I'm searching on the internet and the sources I've found seem to be very bias


OP posts:
CaptainBarnaclesDaddyman · 16/11/2012 07:31
AnyaKnowIt · 16/11/2012 12:01

Will take a look now, thank you Smile

OP posts:
Nigglenaggle · 29/11/2012 20:50

The recent channel 4 drama 'The Promise' is a surprising source of information (probably you can watch it on 4od). I knew nothing about the subject prior to this, and my searches afterwards, as you say, lead to very biased information. I should have learnt by now that the media can be very biased, but the level of bias still disturbed me.

germyrabbit · 29/11/2012 20:52

i was going to suggest the promise too, really good drama ,very watchable and hope historically correct

goralka · 29/11/2012 20:52

wiki is not a reliable source at all.
I think there is very little if anything on this subject that is unbiased.

mixedmamameansbusiness · 30/11/2012 17:22

I thought The Promise was really well balanced.

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