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help-im turning into a russian shot putter!

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yoko · 01/07/2003 20:11

have been exercising for last 3 months-using my cross trainer at home,skipping,walking and toning exercises.have gone down by 2 dress sizes but have actually lost v little weight,this is obviously due to the fact that my legs are becoming v huge and v muscley.can anyone recommend any muscle lengthening exercises,is there such a thing?any other advice v welcome.ooh,and before i go,what about exercises for the backs of arms??thanks

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Twink · 01/07/2003 22:06

Firstly don't worry about your weight, the 2 dress sizes is what counts, well done !

Your legs probably won't be getting bigger, more likely it's just that the muscles are becoming visible and more prominent as the fat layer reduces.

This is one of the easiest exercises to do at home for backs of arms: Stand 1 step in front of a stable chair or bench, with your back to the chair, grasp the chair edges with your hands and gradually take your weight onto your arms & lower your body down until your upper arms are parallel with the seat (so there's a right angle between your lower & upper arms). Push back up to original starting position and repeat

yoko · 01/07/2003 22:24

thank you twink-you sound like you know your stuff so will follow your advice.i remember seeing Arnie on a chat show in the 80's and being horrified at his thighs and i had visions of mine doing the same!!a lovely size 10 tophalf and a muscle bound size 16 on the bottom!!

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