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bleeding post Mirena

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codswallop · 09/06/2003 13:43

I have done a search for this but you get so much on related topics I thought Id just ask..

How long does it go on for? someone said up to
6 weeks. I have a check then - are you examined internally? Please no more internals!

OP posts:
Twink · 09/06/2003 15:50

Can't remember too much detail, I think I bled for around 3 weeks after but not 100% sure. Periods were heavier & longer than usual for the first 4 months but have been non-existent for at least 15 months (still get PMT though ).

At the six week check I had a VERY brief internal just to make sure the strings were still there.

happycat · 09/06/2003 21:47

It's around 6 weeks but if you are breastfeeding it could be a lot less.The internal is painless GP just slide there fingers in not right the way up.

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