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How do i get helpf or dd2 without being fobbed off?

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misdee · 10/06/2005 21:23

watched dd2 running ahead the other day and its so obvious that she walks and runs 'funny'. but its only obvious if you stand back and watch. getting her to walk for docs means she doesnt walk in the usual way, she will hold my hand at GP's/hospital appointments, and it frustrates me as i know they arent seeing what i see daily. do i video her to take it in when we go get an appointment? feel like a fraud sometimes, all of my family know that dd2 is 'different' to her cousins and they cant really explain why. younger sister and mieow belive she may have dyspraxia. little sis says dd2 reminds her a lot of the AS kids she works with, but cant place what it is. feeling like i'm wandering i na room full of doors and not sure what door to go through to find our 'place'

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huggybear · 10/06/2005 21:44


Twiglett · 10/06/2005 21:47

yes video it, it can't hurt can it??

starlover · 10/06/2005 21:48

not really sure misdee.. but definitely video her if it will show her doing it!

i was fobbed off by doctors 3 times when I was concerned about DS's breathing. I finally taped it and made the GP listen to it and got a referral to paediatrician immediately!!!

how old is your dd2? I have always walked "funny", and it's actually a combination of a dodgy hip, and an extra bone in my foot!!!

Jimjams · 10/06/2005 21:53

I know someone who used to video and play it back on the camcorder to the drs so definitely not unknown.

Misdee from your posts about dd2 I think an assessment would be really sensible. Don't let them fob you off.

Are there any specific developmental milestones she has been late reaching (eg pointing, talking, walking etc)?

misdee · 10/06/2005 22:54

she was an early walker (10months). her eyes are being checked again and i want a ear check done as well in case its an inner ear problem.

she did/does point but for weeks/months at a time she wont, she will use my hand as a guide IYKWIM. she cant follow a point, i have to put my hand to eyes and point from there, if that makes sense.

She is extrememly hard work, gets worse when dh is in hospital, but generally exhausting. she doesnt sleep as much as dd1, is up at the crack of dawn, usually last one asleep, plus she wakes in the night. once she gets into a good sleep routine we struggle to keep it like that as one thing can upset the whole thing and we are back to scxreaming sleepless nights again.

maybe with everything going on in her life she needs a kiddie consellor.

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Jimjams · 11/06/2005 08:17

Tell them about the pointing and using your hand as a guide- do you mean she pushes your hand in the direction of something she wants rather than points?

misdee · 11/06/2005 08:22

yes, she will guiide my hand to pictures in a book if i ask where X is, or will take my hand, pull me about and use it to point at things she wants. she doesnt do this all the time, its in phases. does that matter?

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Jimjams · 11/06/2005 10:29

It's quite common for kids on the spectrum (inclusing dyspraxia) to do it. I think its what that "using adult hand as a tool" means on all the lists. It's ds1's preferred way of communicating. NOT diagnostic though, but given the tantrums etc I think a developmental assessment is sensible. How old is she? It might get you an assessment if you mention it- depending on how switched on your GP is.

misdee · 11/06/2005 11:00

she'll be 3 in sept. will mention it.

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