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Need Quick Advice: Swelling after pre-school booster .. is this normal??

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Twiglett · 08/06/2005 20:52

DS (4.3) had pre-school booster of DTP-IV yesterday

I know they say to expect a little swelling around the site and understood that to mean about the size of 50p piece around where the needle went in

but the whole of DS's upper arm is pink (not red) and looks twice the size of the other arm

should I be worried .. or is this normal? is there anything I can do to help .. he isn't complaining much but says it hurts a little

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Twiglett · 08/06/2005 20:58


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KBear · 08/06/2005 21:01

You are not alone. My DS had this last month and there is a thread somewhere about it. The swelling on his arm was 9cms round. I called NHS direct and my doctor, they were unconcerned I was really worried as it grew in size for about three days. He also had high temps about a week after but he is prone to temps anyway.

Nothing you can do but a cold flannel on it if he will let you. DS's swelling was red, hard and very hot.

Katie74 · 08/06/2005 21:04

Twiglett - no expereince of the preschool booster but my ds had a swelling after his 1st jabs at 8 weeks in his thigh - red and hot inflammed at site - it needed treating with antibiotics and is apparently caused when the vaccine is given straight from the fridge - it can cause a reaction (alledgedly). keep an eye on it. If it hasnt gone down by tomorrow I would go to Dr. but don't think it is anything too much to worry about if he seems in good spirits otherwise


Twiglett · 08/06/2005 21:05

thanks kbear .. am now reassured that his arm isn't going to drop off (he isn't complaining its just noticeable when he's naked)

shall now go and have a glass of wine

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Twiglett · 08/06/2005 21:05

x posted thanks katie too

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