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chicken pox - when does it stop being catching?

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peckarollover · 08/06/2005 12:06

ive got a friend coming round with a 7 month old with chicken pox. He got his last new spot on sunday and they are scabbing over now.

Is it ok to be around them now?

I wouldnt normally be worried (if we get them, we get them) but we are going on holiday in 2 weeks so would rather not have any chicken pox with us!

OP posts:
kcemum · 08/06/2005 12:08

Check with nhs direct but I'm sure that it's when all the spots have scabbed over

Mum2girls · 08/06/2005 12:11

My nursery allows children back when their spots have scabbed over.

Got this off a website...

It is contagious from 1-2 days before the onset of the rash and may be spread until all lesions have dried up and become scabs. After you are exposed to the disease, it may take from 10 days to three weeks before you notice a rash. These two facts may make it hard for you to identify when and where you were exposed to the illness.

Carla · 08/06/2005 12:24

Second the scabs.

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