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Rough red rash on 8 month old's face

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SamboM · 20/05/2003 22:47

My dd is 8.5 months and for the past couple of months has had a rough red pimply sort of rash on her face. In the past couple of weeks she has had a few spots with white heads on them too.

It doesn't seem to bother her, she doesn't scratch it so I don't think it's ecezma which I have.

I've tried Oilatum cream to no avail. Anyone got any ideas as I would so love her to have the beautiful soft skin she has on the rest of her body on her cheeks!

OP posts:
Bossanova · 20/05/2003 23:41

My ds gets this on and off. I use the 100% pure shea butter from L'Occitane on it. This comes in a tin and is similar in texture to vaseline but is completely natural and unscented. It is lovely and moisturising and does not irritate his skin. Lots of sites sell it online or you could try ebay. Hope this helps.
ps - a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time.

cathncait · 20/05/2003 23:42

hi Sambo
could it be teething? Maybe its been there too long for that? Could it be an alergy to a food or something she sleeps on or plays on? Not much helpo..just my first thoughts. My dd gets a rash that sounds like that when she's teething and has had it for nearly a month at the mo...but hers comes and goes a bit..isn't constant. I'd check the alergy thing if I was you. HTH

anniethenannie · 22/05/2003 11:49

Email Elena at they are giving away free samples st the moment! Good for any dry itchy skin condition....

Furball · 22/05/2003 12:48

Theres a similar thread Here as well

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