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Is this piles?

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bbmad · 03/06/2005 23:16

For the last few weeks I have been wondering if I have piles because when I am sitting I can feel a 'lump'. I suffered for a little while when I was pregnant and I remember it was painful, but this not at all painful or itchy and I have no bleeding or problems going to the toilet, just an uncomfortable feeling when sitting. I have also noticed an aching feeling, similar to when I had stitches, if I have been standing for a long time.

Sorry if this is a bit personal but I really don't want to go to the doctor if I can help it!

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

OP posts:
starshaker · 03/06/2005 23:18

have a feel or a look then u will be able to tell better. u can also by anusol (sp) at the chemist so if it is piles no need to go to docs

Flossam · 03/06/2005 23:18

Ahem. Can you feel anything down there? Like with your hands? Especially after you have been for a bowel movement? Sorry!

bbmad · 03/06/2005 23:22

Can't feel anything with hands (yuk! makes me cringe thinking about it!), just when I'm sitting IYSWIM! If it was piles wouldn't they hurt and bleed?

OP posts:
Flossam · 03/06/2005 23:28

Not necessarily. Go to Gp's and get checked out. Very strong believer that you should always take your bowels seriously!! Not what you want to hear probably, but will put your mind at rest.

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