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MALARIA - has anyone here had malaria? Symptoms, treatment, please?

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suedonim · 01/06/2005 13:47

The title says it all, really! I've looked at internet sites but tbh, they're not that graphic on the actual symptoms. Dh has been pretty ill for several days now (he's never ill) and the dr suspects he may have malaria so I want to find out what it's like from people who've had it.

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maretta · 01/06/2005 13:58

Have you looked at this .

The nhs info is fairly basic but there's a page of links you can go to. Hope your dh is OK. Where has he been that he could have contracted it?

suedonim · 01/06/2005 14:09

No, I hadn't seen that site but it has dh's symptoms to a T! But then those sort of symptoms are also like flu-like, too, so I don't know. We've been living in Indonesia and dh was working in India as well, plus he's had similar but not as severe 'turns' before, hence the dr flagging up malaria. He's had bloods taken so we'll just have to be patient, I suppose.

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suedonim · 01/06/2005 19:54


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OldieMum · 01/06/2005 20:18

I had it in Kenya 1988 and 89. I remember having aching limbs, hot and cold shivers and a high temperature. There are many different strains of malaria, however. If you think he has it, you should get him tested immediately. Has he been in a malarial region recently?

giraffeski · 01/06/2005 20:22

Message withdrawn

suedonim · 01/06/2005 21:20

Thanks ladies - I just knew there'd be a mumsnetter who had experience of malaria! MN is the fount of all knowledge.

Dh's symptoms are just as you describe, Oldiemum. Dh has been working in Indonesia and India so the possibility is there. Blood tests should be back tomorrow. I've never known dh to be this poorly before.

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giraffeski · 01/06/2005 21:22

Message withdrawn

suedonim · 03/06/2005 21:19

Thought I'd better update this. Good news is, dh doesn't have malaria; bad news is, he has a campylobacter infection, similar to e-coli-type illnesses. Thankfully, he's over the worst, just needs 'building up' again as it's left him quite weak.

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giraffeski · 03/06/2005 21:24

Message withdrawn

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