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Should I ask for a hearing test?

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Shazzler · 25/05/2005 22:50

My ds is 5 and sometimes he seems to be slightly deaf. I am unsure whether it is selective hearing. He says he hears everything fine except for me. I do speak quietly aparently.

I have asked at his nursery to see if they have noticed anything. The only comment I got was that he does sometimes look a bit blank when spoken to.

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
darlingbud · 25/05/2005 22:52

if you are worried then as for atest but I was told that some children become so engrossed in their own thoughts or distractions (like for example TV) that they can block out all other noises.

dd can be totally oblivious to me somethimes if something is on TV she likes. I end up calling her quite loudly before she gets my sttention - nothing wrong with her hearing though - I checked.

Shazzler · 25/05/2005 22:54

Whilst we were on holiday his grandparents seemed very concerned about it as my dh did have gromits when he was younger and I think ds reminded them of him.

I think I should do something before he starts school in August.

OP posts:
darlingbud · 25/05/2005 22:55

I agree that a test would put your mind at rest and if there is a problem they can start to reslove it like you said before he goes to school.

LGJ · 25/05/2005 23:02

I would, do somthing about it ASAP. it sounds like selective hearing to me, but you need to know.

My DS is so selective sometimes, it makes me mad however I do find that if I call him several times, and it is, to no response, if I say in quiet voice, well in that case, he can't hear me so, no sweeties, the response is immediate

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