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Is this ok?

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Saacsmum · 20/05/2005 04:54

Ok sorry to do the teething q's again but ds has had white raised lumps on his gums for ages but no action. Today when he was crying I noticed what looked like blood in his mouth just below the ridge of his gum on the inside, I though maybe this might finally be a tooth. On further investigation it is not bleeding but seems to be like a blood blister, he definately doesnt like it to be touched!. Is this normal during teething or should I get it checked out.

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melbob · 20/05/2005 05:00

Hi my DS had exactly the same and spoke to friend whose DD did too. DS tooth came through about 3 days later

Saacsmum · 20/05/2005 05:31

Thanks for that, I thought it was probably ok but jsut wanted to make sure b4 the weekend in case i needed to get it checked.

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