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found lump in ds chest

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arrraagggh · 19/05/2005 18:41

My dh noticed that ds right nipple is slightly larger then the left. When we inspected closer we felt that there was a tiny lump near/slightly behind his nipple about the size of a pea.The left nipple seems fine.Ds is 8mths old do you think I should get it checked out or do you think its just fatty tissue and we are worrying about nothing.

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 19/05/2005 18:43

get it checked, just to be sure....

tortoiseshell · 19/05/2005 18:44

We found a 'pea' in ds' chest when he was just over 2. Totally freaked out and took him to GP - GP did really thorough check and said it didn't have any red flag symptoms, and decided it was scar tissue (don't know from what) and that it was fine but if it got bigger to go back. It actually disappeared a few months later - presumably as he got bigger it got less significant.
So, I would just get them to look at it - GP said it was a 'good call' - i.e. well noticed, and exactly right to get it checked out.

Flossam · 19/05/2005 19:24

Are you still or have you ever BF him?

arrraagggh · 19/05/2005 20:31

yeah i am still breastfeeding him why?

OP posts:
charleepeters · 19/05/2005 20:33

my ex bf had one nipple larger and had a lump behind it he had always had it apparently its glands some boys get dont know why best to get it checked though.

arrraagggh · 19/05/2005 20:39

Thanx guys I def will get it checked just to be sure. Sometimes you feel that your being over paranoid but with our babies you cant really take the risk...

OP posts:
Flossam · 19/05/2005 22:27

sorry, cause i know that sometimes the hormones passed over in your milk can cause this. get it checked to be sure though! good luck.

Anchovy · 19/05/2005 22:56

DS (now 3.5) had a small lump in one nipple that also bled. We were constantly finding blood on his vest and pjs. This happened when he was about 20-22 months, at exactly the same time as I was having DD. I veered between complete and absolute denial and lying awake crying as he was obviously going to die (both of these viewpoints are completely unlike what I would do in a normal scenario, but I was in the "zone" at the time). DH took DS to our very good GP who was quite mystified but thought instinctively it was nothing sinister. Sent us off to specialist, who did a thorough check of it and said something about it being an "inter-ductile something" (I had a 7 day old baby so had stopped listeneing at that point). Anyway it went away of its own accord and absolutely nothing since. My recommendation would be not to worry AND to see the doctor.

BTW, I didn't know about Mumsnet then so had to rely on Google. Believe me, you dont want to Google "bleeding nipples"

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