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Trapped nerve in chest?

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Triggerhappy · 19/05/2005 09:26

last night I had a pain in my chest like someone was standing on it, & every time I moved a certain way, it hurt more.
This morning the pain has moved, it's mostly in my back, does this sound like a trapped nerve? If so, what's the best thing to do/take for it?

Thanks in advance.

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bambino1 · 19/05/2005 09:31

I think maybe you should go to the docs. Sounds really painful!!

GeorginaA · 19/05/2005 10:00

I'd go to the docs asap to be on the safe side - but then I'm paranoid at the moment, because a male friend of mine thought he had severe back pain only to go to the docs to find out he was having a heart attack .

Obviously, not a doc but the fact you say the pain has moved does sound a bit worrying - would a nerve pain move like that? Get it checked out just for peace of mind

PuffTheMagicDragon · 19/05/2005 10:20

Yes, see doc asap, just to be on the safe side.

Triggerhappy · 19/05/2005 11:26

it's gone off a bit now, it only twinges when I breathe in deeply, so now I suspect it could be a pulled muscle, think I'll take some ibuprofen or something, thatnks for your words girls. xxx

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