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Sick in the night

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bambino1 · 19/05/2005 09:20

Woke up last night to dh vomiting quite badly in her sleep. I got her up and cleaned all sick away, changed bed etc. then an hour later she did it again. It was quite scary and as you can imagine I didn't get much sleep after that due to worrying. Do all babies do this now and again?

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TracyK · 19/05/2005 09:25

what age is your lo?
my ds has only done it once or twice - mainly when he's had a lot of cattargh.
it is yuk!!

bambino1 · 19/05/2005 09:29

She is 9 months. It was bright yellow!

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TracyK · 19/05/2005 09:59

is she a bit snotty too? maybe she's swallowing the cattargh.

natts · 19/05/2005 10:02

sickness bug doing the rounds in our area,dd had it just four days ago although not sick much i only new it was a bug because half school away with it.could be

bambino1 · 22/05/2005 20:28

I had it the night after and am just recovering. Definatly a bug because dp has now got it!! Dd is fine now though!

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