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Who's had their APPENDIX removed?

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jessicasmummy · 16/05/2005 22:24

Sorry, but after having mine out on friday, i want to know whether anyone else has had theirs removed post child hood and how long it took to recover - i cant ever seeing me getting behind the wheel of my car or walking to the shops ever again!!!!

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suedonim · 17/05/2005 13:41

I had mine out just before my 40th birthday. A dr told me it was unusual for "old people" to get appendicitis! I was quite sore for a while but felt better when the stitches came out, after about a week. I remember going out for the first time and having to walk like an old lady (maybe that dr was right!) shuffling along really slowly. But every day I felt better than the previous one, so it's just a matter of time, really.

jessicasmummy · 17/05/2005 19:36

HELP! just had a bath and some of the scab is coming away - please someone tell me this is normal so soon after surgery!

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jessicasmummy · 17/05/2005 21:24


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suedonim · 17/05/2005 21:59

It should be okay as long as it's not infected or bleeding.

dolally · 17/05/2005 22:03

I would guess it's just the water that loosened it.

I had my appendix out at the same time as an op for an ectopic pregnancy, not sure if that counts! The surgeon told me afterwards she thought she'd whip out the appendix while she was there, she also found some fibroids in my womb so dealt with those too! God knows if she was allowed to do all that (aren't i supposed to have given permission?) but anyway I went on to have 3 kids so I suppose she didn't do me any harm!

jessicasmummy · 17/05/2005 22:06

i was just wondering about the water myself - not bleeding at the moment so hopefully nothing to worry about - im just paranoid!

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haven · 18/05/2005 01:00

had mine out at 28, day before c-section and was back at school in about 1.5 weeks.....i think it depends on you, and how you heal, and the doctor that does the surgery.

my first c-section that i had it took my about 2 months before i could even stand up right and still had pain in certain spots for years....i know this isn't the same surgery, but as i stated before the next time i had two surgeries in two days and recovered in a fraction of time....not totally but life was a lot better quicker...

jessicasmummy · 18/05/2005 07:37

thank you so much - just feeling achy today more than anything so hopefully this is the sign of getting better!

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Trinab75 · 18/05/2005 10:17

Hi Jm,

Hope you are feeling better today.......I managed to get some washing out this morning, so things are looking up.

Trina x

jessicasmummy · 18/05/2005 10:33

that is a good sign.... just got back from town and not sure it was such a good idea - even if i only had to get a few bits from 2 shops.... feel bloody awful now!

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