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ds DOES have impetigo!! Willow2 was right

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juicychops · 16/05/2005 20:23

Went doctors this afternoon as his scabby head suddenly started weeping and bleeding. Doctor said its impetigo. he is on antibiotics and has cream to put on it... bless him!!

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charleepeters · 16/05/2005 20:38

I had impetigo alot as a kid i once got it near my bottom and was embarrased to tell my mum and i ended up with a huge load of scabby sores all down my leg just below my knee, it was so horrible! but i did get 2 weeks off school lol poor your ds i hope he feels better soon

Lonelymum · 16/05/2005 20:41

My ds2's legs are frequently covered in tiny scabs where he has been obsessively scratching himself. I can't see anything on his skin, but he scratches enough to make himself bleed. Would you know if this was impetigo or just dry skin?

juicychops · 16/05/2005 20:46

I dont know. It probably isnt. My ds head is really scabby and the skin is really swollen and weepy it looks like a bad burn. It might just be dry skin or something but the doctor would know

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 16/05/2005 20:49

Yes I know I should take him! Just doesn't seem that bad TBH.

hotmama · 16/05/2005 20:50

My dd had impetigo a few weeks ago ( dd is 7 months) had it on the bottom of her back and her bum. The cream the GP prescribed did the job and it cleared up in a few days, although she still has little marks that I assume will fade in time - she didn't seem particularly bothered but it looked really sore. HTH

Hausfrau · 16/05/2005 20:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heathcliffscathy · 16/05/2005 20:55

willow is the oracle of impetigo. ds had little pimples and gp dismissed them as unidentified rash: turns out was impetigo just as willow forsaw...she is wise....

juicychops · 16/05/2005 21:00

I feel really bad now. Everyone who has experienced it has said little patches or little spots. ds is only 4 months and i left it until it was a massive big painful looking thing!

OP posts:
charleepeters · 16/05/2005 21:01

mine was so painfull i couldnt wear pants for ages lol!

Heathcliffscathy · 16/05/2005 21:03 will not believe how quickly the cream will work, give it literally a day and half and you will see a noticeable difference...and stop feeling guilty, you took him to dr and now he has medicine and will be fine!

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