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Undescended testical operation this week

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PoopyNappy · 15/05/2005 22:06

Hi, DS (1yr) is due to have his undescended testical operated on on Thursday this week.

Anyone else been through the same thing and can enlighten me on what to expect and what kind of operation it is, possible issues post op etc etc.

So terrifed as I don;t feel I have enough info about it...


OP posts:
frogs · 15/05/2005 22:35

Hi, PN

My ds had this done when he was 16 months, which seems to be the standard age at which it is done.

It was done as a day-case surgery. We went in quite early in the morning, with ds not allowed to eat anything since the previous evening. Tbh, that was the bit I was most worried about, but actually it wasn't too bad, as he just became lethargic rather than screeching the place down with hunger. After being checked in they put a patch of anaesthetic gel on his hand, covered with a piece of sticky clingfilmy stuff.

We then had to wait an hour or two before it was his turn, which did get a bit tedious, as he wasn't in the best of tempers. I just walked up and down endlessly and sang little songs to him.

When it was his turn I was allowed into the theatre ante-room for the anaesthetic, which seems to be standard from what I've heard. They put a needle in his hand which he didn't notice at all because of the anaesthetic gel I held him so the hand was dangling down behind me, out of his sight. I then had to put him down on a trolley while they administered the full general anaesthetic that was the worst bit, as they look so little and vulnerable. He also went a bit bluish, which is apparently common, and not dangerous. Then I was ushered out, and had to wait till it was all over.

Parents weren't supposed to go in till the babies were awake, but my ds was such a sleepy bunny that they let me in anyway. I had a bottle of milk ready, and when he started to wake up I gave him the bottle, which he drained and then went back to sleep it off. And that was it, really. We went home a few hours later.

Afterward you have to keep the nappy very loose, and give painkillers prophylactically -- ie. before the pain has a chance to build up. IIRC we were alternating Calpol and baby Nurofen, pretty much as you would for a nasty cold. We did that for a couple of days, and he never seemed to be in any real discomfort. The scrotum looked a bit bruised for a few days. He had a tiny incision in his abdomen, and another tiny incision in the scrotum. Both are now invisible (he's nearly 6 now). The testicle has stayed down. He had follow-up checkups for a year or two. He knows he had the operation, and knows that he must check his testicles for lumps every so often. We've had no other problems either with the operation or afterwards.


PoopyNappy · 16/05/2005 20:24

Hi Frogs,

Thankyou so much for the reply it was a great help.

How long did the op take?
Did you DS have stitches?

Thanks again


OP posts:
frogs · 17/05/2005 15:38

Hi, PN

Can't remember how long the op took. Maybe an hour or so? But time goes all funny on you when your child is in an operating theatre. Also ds's op was slightly more complicated as the testicle was quite a long way up in the abdomen, and difficult to dislodge.

I don't remember him having stitches, either, certainly not the kind that need to be removed. If he did, they must have just disolved. But the incisions were really tiny, less than 1 cm each, so maybe he didn't need them. Can you not ask your surgeon for the details? Ours went to great lengths to make sure it had all been explained beforehand.

Monstersmum · 19/05/2005 10:05

Hi there

Hope it goes well. My 3 yr old is having the same op on 1 june so I would love to know how your got on.

We live in Budapest and he will have the op in Dublin (my family live there). My Dad phoned yesterday as DS has received a letter from 2 dolls (!) at the hospital inviting him along to a "pre-admission club". Unfortunately it is this Sat and we would not be in Dublin so my Dad called to explain and whilst they can't re-schedule we can go in the day before or so and they will show him around etc. They are also just publishing a book for the children and if it arrives in time the nurse promised to post one to my Dad for when we arrive. I thought it all really sounded as if they go to a lot of trouble to make the children as comfortable as possible.

I don't know how much to explain to DS though but will ask at the hospital.

Hope it goes well - in fact you mihgt be finished by now!


serenity · 19/05/2005 10:21

Hi Poopynappy,

My DS1 had the same operation and he was about the same age, in fact he had it a week before his first birthday because we got a cancelation.

DS did have a few stitches in the two incisions, but iirc they were dissolvable and went on their own.

I found the worst bit going in and holding him whilst they knocked him out. They used a mask and gas because of his age and he fought against it until it knocked him out. I did not like holding him down for that at all, I got very weepy but felt a bit silly about it at the same time.

DS was very grumpy and out of sorts when he woke up, he wouldn't take any milk and insisted on sitting on me for ages, but within an hour or two it was like nothing had happened! He was running around the ward, playing with toys having a great time.

He's now 7 and the scars are barely noticable. He's off school atm so I've just gone and had a look (he thinks I'm totally mad now!). He's got a very fine scar on his tummy, just on a crease line so you have to look for it, which is about 4 or 5cm and a tiny 1cm one on his testical which you have to know it's there to find.

I've just realised you are having it done today, so GOOD LUCK and hope everything goes well!

Monstersmum · 21/05/2005 10:27

Hi Poopynappy

How did the op go? Have you all recovered?


PoopyNappy · 21/05/2005 22:44

Hi all,

Pleased to day all went well and the op so far is a success.

What a long day though.... we were up at 5.30am and had to be there for 7.30am.

DS cried for ages on and off for about hour as soon as we got allocated a bed as his poor stomach thought his throat had been cut. He finally fell asleep at 9am for an hour and a half and twenty minutes later after waking up he was going for his operation.
I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt and upset as I held his while they gave him gas to knock him out. I dunno why, I just did.

DS was in for about 50 mins in total. DH & I were exhausted and fell asleep in the parent?s room waiting to be called back by the nurse. There?s only so much pacing up and down you can do. The nurse woke us up with a bit of a start? DH was snoring? and yes there were other parents in the room?!

When we went to see DS in recovery he was so upset and disorientated. He was wheeled back to the ward. He was so thirsty he drank 4oz.
Back on the ward he was his eyes kept rolling and he cried and sobbed inconsolably for about an hour and a half. Neither DH nor I could console him so one of the nurses took him for a while and walked around the ward with him to give us a break. Finally he calmed down and I was able to give him another drink and he passed out for about 2 ½ hours.

When he woke he seemed very happy. He drank 9oz of milk and played like nothing had happened!

Pleased to say all is very well and he?s making a good recovery and most of all he?s back to himself.

His ?sprouts? are somewhat a bit bruised?. Red, purple and green. About 4 dissolvable stitches in there and there?s a cut in his abdomen with the same?also of various colour bruises?

The day was a blur and we all went to bed at 7pm!!!

Thanks so much for your replies. I felt I was more informed by you guys than the hospital consultants!

Thanks again

OP posts:
Monstersmum · 23/05/2005 10:27

Glad to hear it all went OK. Isn't it strange how we all feel guilty when we shouldn't? I feel guilty that he has to have it done, guilty because it was only spotted last August and will feel guilty about everything on the day.

My DS is nearly 4 so I have told him a bit. He decided this morning that he is not having it done!!!

I think his main problem is that it means he will miss end of year assembly at school here! But he did also say he was frightened. Lots of cuddles and bribery should help - I hope.

I just know I will be a basket case on the day.


cjlear · 05/08/2008 18:28

hi, wonder if anyone can help my 16mth ds had this op last thursday, for first few days it didn't seem to bother him till yesterday (monday) he started to moan and hold his side i also noticed the same day the swelling had gone but still seemed to be no testie, so i took him to GP today he confirmed that he could not feel it thinks it s pop up a little and that it may come back it time. came home up set and phoned hospital they are going to see him next week but if someone no anything like this please let me know.TL

lupo · 05/08/2008 18:40

My ds also had this op, though was told that they wait until he was three to see if it would drop by itself.

ds was fine, i was a mess. It wasn't the best of days, but after a couple of days he was back to normal

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